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Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Tajikistan 30T cottonseed oil refining project put into operation President Emomali Rahmon arrives at the scene to congratulate

July 16, 2021

A good news came from Tajikistan recently. After the day and night of Zhongxing engineering professionals, Zhongxing Machinery delivered a 30T cottonseed refining project with intelligent technology and advanced technology. What is exciting is the President of Tajikistan Emoma. Li Rahmon personally attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.


 Customer visit1

           President of Tajikistan participates in the unveiling ceremony


At the ceremony, Emomali thanked the Chinese companies for their strong support, praised the project as a tangible project for people's livelihood, and hoped to expand the scale of cooperation in the future. Accompanied by the owner, Emomali visited the entire production line and the office building.


 Customer visit2

The President of Tajikistan and his delegation visited the equipment production workshop


 Customer visit3

The President of Tajikistan and his delegation visited the equipment production workshop


Miao Yulu, chairman of Zhongxing, said that the perfect delivery of this Tajikistan grease project once again demonstrated the strength of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery. Through the communication in the early stage of the project, the establishment of the project, the inspection, the implementation, the test and the complete services in the later stage, Zhongxing people have made their best efforts to continuously achieve the delivery of the project.


 Customer visit4

 Zhongxing Chairman Miao Yulu talks with customers in Tajikistan



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