The company attaches importance to the role and training of technical talents, actively introduces foreign technical experience,and through the perfect quality management system certification, production of marketable high and new, sharp products, thus in a variety of fuel, rice, wheat, corn, and other areas of the processing machinery and equipment have domestic advantage.

Henan Zhongxing grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. has always put the interests and quality of customers in the first place, adhere to the purpose of no best, only better service, we will provide high-quality products and perfect on-site service, after-sales service according to various commitments.

The specific commitments are as follows:
  • Ensure to provide complete sets of equipment and accessories on time;
  • Ensure that the installation and commissioning are qualified once;
  • Guarantee to provide high quality materials and preferential prices to users;
  • We will give priority to providing new products and processes to customers;
  • Training operation technicians for free to ensure that the trainees can operate independently;
  • We will appoint an experienced installation project leader to organize a technical and comprehensive installation team for on-site installation and commissioning;
  • After the equipment is assembled and installed on site, we will be responsible for the single machine debugging, on-line debugging and feeding trial operation of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment under full load. We will provide all kinds of data and records in accordance with the requirements of the contract. According to the requirements of customers, we provide qualified completion files to customers.
  • During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged due to the quality of the equipment, we will repair or replace the parts free of charge. If the damage is caused by the customer's own reason, we will only charge the material cost for repair or replacement. After the customer informs us, we will propose the solution to the problem within 6 hours.
Henan Zhongxing Grain And Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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