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1t/h Palm Double Screw Oil Press

September 15, 2021

The 1t/h palm double screw oil press is designed by our engineers on the basis of combining the characteristics of palm oil presses in large palm press plants in Malaysia and Indonesia and the characteristics of domestic screw presses. It is controlled by a hydraulic system. Yes, by changing the pressure and increasing the force, the palm double screw oil press can be continuously operated. In addition, it also has the advantages of low palm nucleus crushing rate, low residual oil in cake residues, no special requirements for raw material moisture content, excellent manufacturing technology, compact structure, large output, stable and reliable operation, low maintenance and durability. At present, the 1t/h palm double screw oil press has been exported to many palm oil producing countries.

Palm oil

1. Working principle of 1t/h palm double screw oil press:

The working principle of the 1t/h palm double screw oil press is to use the rotation of the screw shaft to gradually reduce the volume of the blank in the press chamber and to generate a lot of pressure to press the oil by the resistance of the cake head. The pressure is mainly caused by the following two aspects:

(1) The advancement of the screw shaft

There are two spiral shafts with opposite rotation directions in the press chamber of the oil press, and the spiral shaft is a gradual spiral. Therefore, during the advancing process of the screw shaft, the speed of the blank also slows down and is compressed.

(2) Cake resistance

Adjusting the gap between the school cake ring and the school cake head can change the thickness of the cake residue. Generally, the thickness of cake slag decreases, the resistance of cake output increases, and the pressure in the press chamber increases correspondingly.

Palm Double Screw Oil Press

2. Technical parameters of 1t/h palm double screw oil press:



Processing capacity (t/h)

1(Fresh ears)

Cake fiber oil content (%)


Fragmentation rate of nuclei in cake (%)


Screw shaft speed (r/min)


Main engine power (kW)


Dimensions: length × width × height (mm)


Weight (Kg)


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