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4 ways to reduce power consumption of grease machinery

September 14, 2021

Although it is no longer a stage where the power consumption is high during the high temperature period, there may be problems with large power consumption in many grease machinery, which makes many customers who want to save energy very annoyed. Therefore, for this type of situation, today Grease machinery manufacturer Zhongxing Grease wants to teach you many ways to reduce the power consumption of grease machinery. Let's take a look.

 reduce power consumption

1. Inspect the grease machinery frequently to prevent the embrittlement of the power circuit and the over-standard working voltage of the power supply circuit causing the machine and equipment to switch off the power supply, etc., so as to prevent the grease machinery from consuming electromagnetic energy due to continuous operation.


2. Prevent the grease machinery from carrying out overload operation. Because the grease machinery and equipment will not only increase the power consumption during the whole process of being overloaded, but will also continue to increase the risk of damage to the machinery and equipment.


3. Ensuring that the workers who actually operate the grease machinery have proficient operating skills is also important to reduce the power consumption of the grease machinery. Therefore, I suggest that you can carry out specific guidance and training for the workers on time to make them flexibly use the actual operating methods of the machinery and equipment.


4. Use suitable transformers for grease machinery. If you use a transformer that is too large or too small, it will be more serious for all normal power consumption of machinery and equipment. Therefore, you must choose a transformer that matches the output power of the grease machinery.