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Animal oil refining equipment

September 07, 2021

From a global perspective, the proportion of the production and consumption of animal fats in fats is increasing year by year. With the changes in human dietary habits and the deepening of research on the nutritional value of foods, animal fats are facing the need for structural adjustments, and there are huge Development prospects.


Animal oil


Animal oil refining equipment includes chemical refining equipment and physical refining equipment.

1. Process of chemical animal oil refining equipment:

Starting from crude oil, hydration dephosphorization and degumming, then acid-base neutralization, and vacuum drying, then remove the color in animal fat, deodorize by distillation, then heat exchange, and finally obtain refined product oil.

2. Process of physical animal oil refining equipment:

Starting from crude oil, hydration, dephosphorization and degumming, and then vacuum drying, then remove the color in animal fat, heat exchange, physical deodorization and deacidification belong to continuous distillation, deacidification and deodorization. One device completes two functions, and then After cooling, the finished animal oil is finally obtained.


Animal oil refining equipment


The substitution of vegetable oils has promoted a rapid increase in the proportion of animal fats in industrial applications, including non-edible fats such as beef tallow, mutton fat, and horse fat. The development of soap, paint, resin, plastics, medicine, lubricating grease and surface active agent industries is constantly expanding the demand for animal fats and oils.

With the advancement of science and technology, the problem of "cholesterol" in traditional food industry oils such as lard is being solved. Lard and poultry fat are still the main consumption objects of animal fats and require vigorous development.

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