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Bucket elevator

September 14, 2021

In the process of edible oil production, bucket elevators are often used to transport granular or powdered oil vertically from low to high. Inside it is a hopper uniformly fixed on the endless traction member, which can continuously load oil to achieve the purpose of transportation. Bucket elevators are divided into three types: ring chain, plate chain and belt.

 Bucket elevator

1. The working principle of bucket elevator:

The hopper scoops up the oil from the place where the oil is stored below, and lifts it to the top by means of a chain, plate chain or belt, then turns over the top wheel and turns downwards, and the hopper pours the material into the receiving tank.

2. The main structure of the bucket elevator:

The bucket elevator is composed of running parts, driving device, upper device, middle casing and lower device.

(1) Running parts---composed of hopper and chain or belt.

(2) Drive device---Adopt multiple combination drives. (It depends on the actual needs of users.)

(3) The upper device is installed with track, backstop, and anti-return rubber plate at the discharge port.

(4) Intermediate section---Some intermediate sections are equipped with tracks to prevent the chain from swinging during operation.

(5) Lower device---installed with automatic tensioning device.

 Bucket elevator

3. Features of bucket elevator:

(1) Good airtightness, reducing environmental pollution.

(2) Convenient operation and maintenance, with few wearing parts.

(3) Due to energy saving and less maintenance, the use cost is low.

(4) The mechanical size is small. Compared with other various elevators with the same lifting capacity, the mechanical size of the bucket elevator is smaller.

(5) Large conveying capacity, used for vertical lifting of various powders and lumps, suitable for use in grain and oil processing industry.

What type of bucket elevator is needed depends on the output of your grease project. Under normal circumstances, engineers have already determined the type of bucket elevator in the process of designing the plan. Therefore, Henan Zhongxing will provide you with the appropriate bucket elevator for the project according to the specific plan. If necessary, please contact us!