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Copra production line

September 14, 2021

Coconut is a tropical woody oil of the palm family. The dried coconut pulp is dried copra. The dried copra with moisture content reduced to 6%-10% contains 57%-75% fat. Coconut oil can be obtained by traditional pressing method. The coconut cake meal obtained by extracting the fat from the oil can be used as animal feed. Coconut pulp can also be processed into foods such as coconut flour and dried coconut.

Coconut oil

The copra oil extraction production line mainly includes three processes: pretreatment-oil extraction-refining, which is divided into crushing section, steaming section, oil pressing section, degumming section, deacidification section, decolorizing section and deodorizing section.

1. Pretreatment process:

Copra→cleaning→crushing→steaming and frying→primary pre-pressing→secondary pressing→crude oil


2. The basic refining process:

Copra oil → filtration → phosphoric acid degumming → deacidification → decolorization → deodorization → refined oil

Coconut oil

Copra moisture: should be controlled between 7%-10%, otherwise it is not conducive to oil extraction.

3. Henan Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. Copra production line has the following advantages:

(1) The energy consumption is relatively low, the service life is relatively long, and it can create profits for customers as much as possible;

(2) Minimize oil loss, increase oil yield, improve production quality, and improve the quality of oil and cake.