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Daily cleaning of walnut oil processing equipment!

September 14, 2021

walnut oil

Generally, newly purchased grease equipment will inevitably lose dust after using it for a period of time. Therefore, we should not neglect the cleanliness of grease equipment. Let's ask the walnut oil processing equipment manufacturer to do a brief understanding.

1. The appearance of the equipment is clean:

The oil stains on the outside of the walnut oil processing equipment body can be cleaned with detergent, but it needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will become dust after a long time and it is difficult to clean. No difficulty.

2. Cleaning of equipment pressure chamber:

If it is convenient to clean the press room thoroughly, you can choose some low-cost oil crops and let the oil equipment run for a period of time.

3. Clean the oil filter on the equipment:

Cleaning the oil filter is an important part of daily cleaning work. The oil filter is prone to grease stains if it is exposed to crude oil for a long time. When cleaning the vacuum oil filter, pay attention to cleaning the inner wall of the oil drum and the outside of the oil drum. The filter cloth is made of detergent and water. In order to obtain a better oil filtering effect, the filter cloth needs to be replaced frequently. 

After using walnut oil processing equipment, it must be cleaned. Don't underestimate these cleaning processes. The benefits of cleaning walnut oil processing equipment may not appear in a short time, but after a long time, you will find that the cleaned walnut oil processing equipment is significantly better than the unwashed walnut oil processing equipment, and the cleaning of the walnut oil processing equipment will also Increase the service life of the equipment.

The above is the introduction of some related information about the cleaning of walnut oil processing equipment. For more details, please pay attention to us!