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Detailed explanation of edible oil extraction method, the difference with traditional pressing process

September 08, 2021

The edible oil leaching method is based on the principle of solid-liquid extraction. It selects a certain organic solvent that can dissolve the fat-n-hexane. Through spraying and soaking the pre-pressed cake, the fat in the oil is extracted. Production Process. The difference between the leaching method and the traditional squeezing process is mainly reflected in the different aspects of the processing technology, processing raw materials, and oil yield. Today, Henan Zhongxing relies on years of experience to sort out and share the process flow of edible oil leaching method and the difference between it and the traditional pressing process.

edible oil

The process flow of the edible oil extraction method is as follows:

Pre-pressed cake——edible oil extraction system——D.T.D.C system-mixed oil evaporation system——solvent recovery system-crude oil

At first, the processed pre-pressed cake enters the extractor, and the oil in the pre-pressed cake is extracted by the solvent by spraying the solvent-n-hexane to obtain mixed oil and wet meal. The wet meal enters the steaming and stripping tower, and through desolventizing and drying, a dry cake that meets the solvent residue standard is obtained, and the mixed oil enters the mixed oil evaporation system, and the crude oil is separated from the solvent through evaporation and steam stripping. Finally, the solvent is cooled by the condenser and recovered, and the obtained crude oil will enter the refining workshop for refining.

 The process flow of the edible oil extraction method

So what is the difference between the leaching method and the traditional pressing process?

1. Different processing technology

The traditional squeezing process is a physical squeezing method that uses manpower or machinery to squeeze the oil to obtain oil. The squeezing method needs to go through the steps of cleaning, crushing, rolling, steaming and frying, squeezing, etc., to squeeze out the fat in the oil. The leaching method is a chemical extraction method that uses the mutual solubility properties of the oil and the selected solvent-n-hexane, and the method of extracting the oil from the oil through the spray and soaking effects of the solvent is currently internationally recognized as an excellent method. The production process.

2. Different processing materials

The squeezing method and the leaching method are suitable for different raw materials. The squeezing method is mainly suitable for the processing of high-oily oilseeds (such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, etc.) or the processing of special flavored oils that require oil retention (such as peanut oil, sesame oil, etc.); and the extraction method is suitable for low-oily oilseeds (such as soybeans). , Rice bran, etc.) and non-flavored oils, high oil yield, low residual oil rate in the cake, large processing capacity, and high degree of automation.

3. Different oil yield

The residual oil content in the cake squeezed by the traditional pressing process is high, the oil output efficiency is low, and the power consumption is large. The oil is prepared by the leaching method, the residual oil rate in the meal can be controlled below 1%, the oil output rate is significantly accelerated, and the meal quality is good.

 Oil press workshop

For the above two oil production methods, Henan Zhongxing suggests that you can choose them according to different needs and use their strengths to complement each other. Of course, using both pressing and leaching methods in the same factory will greatly speed up your efficiency while reaping substantial economic benefits. Our engineers can customize the edible oil processing equipment for you according to your choice. If you have most of the questions, please come to consult!