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Development direction of oil refining equipment

August 13, 2021

In recent years, domestic oil extraction equipment has continued to open up the international market and have a continuous expansion trend. Among them, oil refining equipment is representative. Domestic oil extraction equipment has impacted overseas markets. What development trends are facing, the following is Henan Zhongxing's oil refining A simple analysis of the development direction of the equipment.


oil refining equipment


1. With the maturity of overseas trade, the procedures have become more and more simple, which is greatly reduced compared with the previous process of international material procurement. If the domestic oil refining equipment wants to seize the international market, it must have excellent product technology and quality at first, otherwise the procedures will be complete, and the international competitiveness will be greatly weakened;

2. The gradual maturity of overseas trade, the full connection of benefits from the Internet, the development of international industry 4.0, and the entry of a very new era of Internet development, the proposal and implementation of the Internet + concept that has emerged in China, and the further strengthening of the symmetry of domestic and international information. Provide technical basis for the growth of overseas trade;

3. The gradual rise of overseas transportation, the increasing prosperity of freight forwarding companies, and the concept of opening up overseas markets such as the National One Belt and One Road have provided convenience for domestic oil refining equipment to go abroad. Oil press equipment manufacturers have encountered good opportunities to enter the international market. opportunity;

4. In the international market, if the domestic oil refining equipment independent brands want to gain a firm foothold, the basis is not only the symmetry of information, but also the excellence of their own products, breaking through the bottleneck of their own development, and using technology to connect with the international market. In order to open the door to overseas markets.


oil refining equipment


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