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Edible oil decolorization process

August 25, 2021

 Edible oil decolorization is mainly to remove the pigment in the crude oil, so that the color of the finished oil becomes clear and transparent, which meets the national standards. In addition, the edible oil decolorization section can also filter out the residual gum and soapstock after degumming and deacidification to reduce impurities in the oil.


Edible oil


The temperature required for the decolorization process is about 105°C, so the decolorization tank must be kept in a vacuum state. When the degummed and deacidified oil enters the decolorization tank/tower, the crude oil is heated to the specified temperature with heat-conducting oil and stirred to drain the water mixed in the oil. Then add white clay to decolorize. The decolorized oil enters the leaf filter and is circulated and filtered until the filter plate is covered with waste clay. The decolorized oil is discharged into the temporary storage tank, and the waste white clay adhering to the filter plate is shaken down and can be recycled again.


Edible oil decolorization effect


In addition, the decolorization methods in batch refining and continuous refining are different. In batch refining, the decolorization section is carried out in a decolorization tank. The adsorption of white clay is used to remove the pigment and other impurities in the crude oil, and then the waste white clay is filtered out with a leaf filter to achieve the purpose of decolorization. In full continuous refining, the degumming and decolorization are all carried out in the decolorization tower, and the decolorization effect is better. Of course, the decolorization tower is more expensive than the decolorization tank.

No matter what kind of crude oil, whether it is in batch refining or continuous refining, it needs to be decolorized. The decolorization equipment has an important influence on the decolorization effect. Therefore, when you choose decolorization equipment, you should choose a certified edible oil production equipment manufacturer, confirm the equipment list and equipment materials, so that the decolorization effect of crude oil can meet the national requirements. If you have any questions about the decolorization of edible oil, please come to consult.