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Edible oil degumming process

August 24, 2021

Degumming is an important step in the refining process of edible oil, which can remove peptic impurities contained in crude oil. Peptizing impurities not only affect the stability of grease, but also affect the process effect of grease refining and deep processing. For example, oil is easy to emulsify in the process of alkali refining, which increases the difficulty of operation, increases the loss of oil refining and the consumption of auxiliary materials, and reduces the quality of soapstock; in the decolorization process, it will increase the consumption of adsorbent It can reduce the decolorization effect; the undegummed oil cannot be subjected to physical refining and deodorization operations, nor can it be further processed. Therefore, the crude oil needs to be degummed.


Edible oil refining equipment


Common degumming methods include hydration degumming, acid refining degumming, adsorption degumming, thermal polymerization degumming and so on. The edible oil refining mostly uses hydration and degumming.

Hydration degumming is an edible oil degumming process that takes advantage of the hydrophilicity of peptic impurities. Hot water is added to hot crude oil under stirring to make the peptic impurities agglomerate by absorbing water and then sedimentation and separation. In the process of hydration and degumming, the main substances that can be aggregated and settled are phospholipids, as well as proteins combined with phospholipids, glycosyl diglycerides, mucus and trace metal ions.

The factors that affect the hydration and degumming process include the amount of water added, the temperature during operation, the intensity and time of stirring, and the oil feed rate. In order to achieve a good degumming effect, the technical parameters of the degumming process need to be determined according to the quality of the crude oil. The process parameters of different edible oils in the degumming process are also different. Henan Zhongxing’s engineers will determine the corresponding degumming process parameters for you according to your crude oil quality, and will be equipped with corresponding edible oil refining and degumming equipment. Welcome to consult, we will respond to your questions within 24 hours.