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Edible oil filling equipment

August 23, 2021

Edible oil filling equipment is usually used for bottling or bagging of refined oil. It is suitable for the filling of refined oil by large, medium and small edible oil manufacturers. According to the degree of automation of the filling process, edible oil filling equipment can be divided into semi-automatic edible oil filling equipment and fully automatic edible oil filling production lines.


Edible oil filling equipment


1. Semi-automatic edible oil filling equipment

Semi-automatic edible oil filling equipment is generally used for the filling of refined oil in small and medium-sized edible oil production plants. It contains two equipment: a semi-automatic filling machine and a capping machine or capping machine, and the others are manually operated by workers. There are many categories of semi-automatic edible oil filling equipment. According to the filling principle, it can be divided into volume measurement type, mass measurement type and volume mass measurement type; according to the number of filling heads, it can be divided into single-head, double-head and multi-head filling machines.

The performance and efficiency of different filling machines are very different. When you choose semi-automatic edible oil filling equipment, please pay attention to the filling speed and measurement accuracy of the equipment, which are the main performance indicators of the filling equipment.


Semi-automatic edible oil filling equipment


2. Automatic edible oil filling production line

The automatic edible oil filling production line includes bottle unscrambler, automatic filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc., which can realize fully automatic production with high efficiency and saving manpower. The output of the automatic filling production line can be divided into large and small, and customers can choose the appropriate filling equipment according to their personal needs. In addition to edible oil filling equipment, Henan ZTE can also provide customized blowing equipment.


 Automatic edible oil filling production line


There are many types of edible oil filling equipment. Henan Zhongxing engineers can recommend suitable edible oil filling equipment according to your needs. If you are planning to purchase other supporting equipment for the edible oil production project, you can get one-stop service by contacting Henan Zhongxing. We can provide supporting equipment such as floor scales, oil tanks, laboratory equipment, generators, etc., so that you can save a lot of time to find manufacturers. Welcome to contact us!