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Edible oil full continuous refining equipment

August 24, 2021

Full continuous refining of edible oil is mainly used to remove various impurities in crude oil, so that the color, flavor and quality of the finished oil can meet the national food standards. Full continuous refining of edible oil is a continuous operation, suitable for large-scale edible oil refineries with a processing capacity of 50/100/200/300/500/600/1000 tons/day, with high production automation and good quality oil.

Full continuous refining of edible oil includes four sections: degumming section, deacidification section, decolorization section and deodorization section. The main equipment of the refining workshop includes centrifuges, decolorizing towers, deodorizing towers, leaf filters and so on. The following Henan Zhongxing engineers will briefly introduce you the operation process of each section.

1. Degumming section

The peptic impurities contained in crude oil not only affect the stability of the oil, but also affect the effect of the subsequent stages of edible oil refining. Therefore, these impurities need to be removed. In full continuous refining, centrifuges are used to remove peptic impurities in crude oil.




2. Deacidification section

Deacidification in the continuous refining of edible oil consists of two parts. One part is to remove free fatty acids in the crude oil by adding alkali to neutralize it, which is called chemical deacidification, and we will get soap feet. The other part uses the direct steam of the deodorizing tower to remove free fatty acids, which is called physical deacidification. We will get fatty acids. The price of fatty acids is higher than that of soapstock, so most edible oil manufacturers prefer physical deacidification.

3. Decolorization section

Unlike batch refining and semi-continuous refining, the decolorization section of full continuous refining is carried out in the decolorization tower. The decolorization method is also to choose white clay adsorption decolorization. It's just that the adsorption effect in the decoloring tower will be better. After decolorization, the leaf filter cleans and removes the waste clay in the decolorization oil. After filtering, it is generally necessary to perform a decolorization filter again to ensure the decolorization effect.


Edible oil refining equipment


4. Deodorization section

The deodorization of edible oil in the continuous refining process is completed in the deodorization tower. The deodorization tower is a combined type, the upper layer is mainly used to remove free fatty acids, and the lower layer is mainly used for deodorization, using the difference in volatility between odorous substances and crude oil to remove odors.

The oil from the deodorization tower absorbs most of the heat through the heat exchanger, and then further exchanges heat with the crude oil, and then is cooled to 80-85℃ by the cooler, added with the required antioxidants and flavors, and then cooled to below 50℃ for storage , So you can get edible oil that meets national standards.


Edible oil deodorization section


Full continuous refining of edible oil has high production efficiency and can handle various impurities in crude oil. It is suitable for the refining of various edible oils, such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil and so on. It should be noted that the quality and output of various crude oils are different, and the required full continuous refining equipment and process parameters will also be different. Only experienced engineers can determine the process parameters based on the crude oil quality to ensure the quality of the refined oil. Quality. The engineer team of Henan Zhongxing has installed edible oil production equipment in dozens of countries. I believe it can provide you with suitable continuous refining equipment. Come and contact us!