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Grease leaching process

September 29, 2021

The oil leaching process is a kind of oil processing technology that uses the extraction principle, selects a certain organic solvent that can dissolve the oil, sprays and soaks the oil, so that the oil in the oil is dissolved in the solvent and extracted. The oil extraction process has the advantages of high oil yield, low residual oil in the meal, low labor intensity, good working environment, and good meal quality. It is currently a relatively oil-making process.

 Grease extraction equipment

1. Classification of oil leaching process:

The oil leaching process can be divided into batch or continuous leaching. According to the contact method, the oil leaching process is divided into immersion leaching, spray leaching, and mixed leaching. Due to the high oil content of legume seeds, whether it is conventional peanut oil production or low-temperature skim powder production, the applicable method is pre-expression and extraction. Pre-expression to extract fat is to extract part of the fat from the raw materials through pre-expression, and then to extract the cake with high oil content.

2. Grease leaching process:

Soak the oil embryo or pre-pressed cake in the selected solvent to dissolve the oil in the solvent (composition of mixed oil), then separate the mixed oil from the solid residue (wet meal), and then evaporate the mixed oil according to different boiling points , Gas stripping, the solvent is vaporized into steam and separated from the oil, so as to obtain grease (extract crude oil). The solvent vapor continues to be recycled after being condensed, cooled and recovered. The wet meal also contains the required amount of solvent, and the finished meal is obtained after desolventizing and drying. The solvent vapor volatilized in the desolventizing and drying process is condensed and cooled and recovered.

3. The main processes of the oil leaching process:

The oil leaching process mainly includes the oil leaching process, the wet meal treatment process, the mixed oil treatment process, the condensation and cooling of the solvent vapor, and the recovery of the solvent in the free gas.