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How can peanut oil refining equipment improve the quality of peanut oil?

September 10, 2021

The purpose of peanut oil refining equipment is to remove impurities and harmful elements in peanut oil through degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and other processes to ensure the phase and quality of peanut oil, so that peanut oil can meet edible oil quality standards, so that manufacturers can improve Good sales. How does the refining process improve the quality of peanut oil?

 Peanut oil

1. Control the oxidative rancidity of peanut oil.

Peanut oil refining equipment can control the oxidative rancidity of peanut oil, slow down the rancidity of refined peanut oil, remove impurities in the oil, use low temperature, anaerobic, cut off light, use antioxidants, etc. Peanut oil is inevitably oxidized and rancid during storage. Once it is found that the peroxide value is greater than 0.15% and aldehydes and ketones are formed, it must be refined. Practice has proved that the refining of peanut oil refining equipment is one of the effective methods to control the initial rancidity and continue to develop.

2. Improve the quality of peanut oil

The peanut oil produced by the pressing method retains the natural nutritional value and fragrance of peanuts, but the impurities in the peanut oil fat such as phospholipids, free fatty acids, protein, moisture, etc., have an impact on the quality, taste, storage, and edible safety of peanut oil. Easy to rancidity, eating easily affects the human body. The purpose of refining is to remove harmful impurities in the fat and improve the quality of peanut oil. Although it will cause the loss of some nutrients, the lost part is still insignificant compared to the entire content. The oil refined by the peanut oil refining equipment meets the hygienic standards for edible vegetable oil.

3. Ensure the aroma of peanut oil after refining

Peanut oil refining equipment often adopts physical refining methods. Different from common chemical refining, physical refining methods use steam distillation to remove free fatty acids and low-molecular odor substances in oils, which not only removes free fatty acids but also maintains the peanut's own flavor.

 Peanut oil refining equipment

Peanut oil refining equipment adopts physical refining method, which has the advantages of simple process, high refining rate, good product quality, less auxiliary materials used, and can reduce environmental pollution, but the dephosphorization effect of crude oil is also relatively high. It directly affects the refining effect. Only the oil with phosphorus content below 5ppm can be refined well by physical refining method, which improves the refining rate and obtains high-quality refined oil. On the contrary, the advantages of physical refining will be greatly reduced.