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How to buy small grease equipment, which one is better, listen to the answer

September 28, 2021

With the rapid development of the oil industry today, more and more people prefer to invest in oil and fat equipment as an entrepreneurial project of their own, because the oil industry is closely related to people’s lives, so when investing in the oil industry, when purchasing equipment, What should I pay attention to? Which aspects should be considered? This is what we need to think about, and friends who are new to the oil industry are confused. So today, our grain and oil equipment company will share and learn with you on this issue.

grease equipment

1. Check whether cold pressing or hot pressing

Cold pressing is the equipment that directly presses oil crops into the press room. Hot pressing is a process of baking and steaming. The method to distinguish between hot pressing and cold pressing is to see if there is a wok.

The benefits of popular science hot pressing: 1. The squeezed edible oil is very fragrant; 2. High temperature disinfection, the oil can be stored for longer; 3. The oil has a lower water content and does not fry when cooking.

Second, check the power consumption of small grease equipment

Power consumption directly affects the cost of oil extraction, which is a problem that must be paid attention to. Generally, the small oil equipment produced by our oil equipment manufacturers consumes 5.37 kilowatt-hours of electricity for processing 120 kilograms of oil in one hour. Cold pressing consumes much less electricity, while hot pressing consumes much more electricity. This is just a reference, the oil output and power consumption need to be affected by various factors such as the surrounding environment and the quality of the oil.

3. Check the types of squeezable oil crops

Cold pressing can basically squeeze oil from all oil crops, but hot pressing must be programmed in advance. The peanut squeezing program cannot squeeze rapeseed, because the frying time, the size of the feed opening and the drying temperature of each oil crop are different. It is different. If it is not set up in advance, it is easy to cause frying or non-frying. Customers who purchase small grease equipment from our grease equipment manufacturers can rest assured that our technicians will help customers set it according to customer needs.

Fourth, check the service life of small grease equipment

When many people buy small grease equipment, they only pay attention to the price of small grease equipment, but do not pay attention to the service life of the motor. In fact, the life of the motor is the issue that should be concerned about when buying small grease equipment. The wear of the motor bearing will inevitably affect the drying. Accuracy, many of our customers find that the noise is very loud after using the small grease equipment for a period of time. In fact, the motor of your grease equipment has worn out.

There are three conditions that determine the life of the motor: the quality of the first motor, generally imported motors are of better quality; the second power is larger, the motor with higher power is also easy to damage; the third is the distance between the motor and the heating component, the distance is too close, High temperature can easily damage the motor of the oil press.