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How to choose Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil processing equipment?

September 03, 2021

Paeonia lactiflora Pall is one of the famous flowers. The whole body is a treasure. The flower can be used as tea and the root can be used as medicine. Paeonia lactiflora Pall seeds can be used to make oil. Many people regard Paeonia lactiflora Pall seeds as peony seeds. In fact, there are two different types of Paeonia lactiflora Pall. The crop, peony belongs to the Paeoniaceae plant. Peony seeds can also be squeezed. They are all very nutritious edible oils. The price per kilogram is about 1,000 yuan. Here, the Zhongxing oil equipment manufacturer will show you the production process of Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil. 


Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil


The edible oil produced by processing Paeonia lactiflora Pall seeds is Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil, which contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid required by the human body. It is naturally recommended as a healthy nutrient oil. The processing of Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil naturally aims to retain more nutrients. Physical pressing is recommended. Among them, cold pressed Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil is recognized by the market and welcomed by consumers.

By cold pressing Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil, the processed Paeonia lactiflora Pall seeds are sent to the oil press for low-temperature cold pressing, which does not damage the nutritional structure of Paeonia lactiflora Pall seeds and has a more natural flavor. The cold pressed oil is refined. You can get high-quality Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil. The core equipment for making cold-pressed Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil is an oil press and oil refining equipment.

1. Cold pressing Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil. The pressing is preliminary. A cold press can be used. Both hydraulic oil press and screw press can realize cold pressing function. From the actual application of the project, Zhongxing oil equipment manufacturer recommends , It can be squeezed by the hydraulic oil press for the first time, and then sent to the screw press to squeeze, which can fully improve the oil yield of Paeonia lactiflora Pall seeds. More oil and good oil are the key to the user's profit.

2. Make good quality Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil. The pressing step alone is not enough. The quality of crude oil is not high. This requires refining equipment to cooperate, which can effectively remove some unfavorable impurities and retain more With nutrient ingredients, Zhongxing's refined oil equipment, one effective refining, can fully improve the quality of Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil, with higher sales prices and greater profit margins.

To process Paeonia lactiflora Pall seed oil, it is very important to find an experienced oil machinery manufacturer. Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery manufacturer has nearly 20 years of oil processing experience. It is a good manufacturer that really benefits users. Welcome all users to visit the manufacturer. To purchase, please feel free to contact us.