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How to choose cod liver oil for babies

July 27, 2021

Cod liver oil is a very common health food for infants and young children. For the health of children, parents need to pay attention to many aspects when purchasing. Here are the key points for buying baby cod liver oil, don’t miss it!

Cod liver oil

Key points for purchasing baby cod liver oil:

1. Dosage form.

Vitamins A and D are fat-soluble vitamins, so soft capsules (or drops) and emulsions are the best way to preserve them. The cod liver oil is made into an emulsion, which can reduce its fishy taste and greasy feeling, and the taste is slightly better. The dose of cod liver oil contained in the drops is small and accurate, suitable for infants and young children. At the same time, it should be noted that children of different ages must choose the corresponding dose of cod liver oil.

2. Color.

The color of cod liver oil varies from light yellow to orange-red, which is mainly related to its type and added ingredients, not to its quality. For example, shark liver oil is usually lighter in color. There is a basic principle for judging the quality of cod liver oil, that is, the quality is good if the color is transparent and full of fat. The presence of impurities or unknown precipitation indicates that the purification process is poor or has deteriorated. Therefore, it is best to choose cod liver oil in transparent capsules to directly observe the color and permeability of the cod liver oil.

3. Fishy smell.

The current extraction process cannot completely remove the fishy smell of cod liver oil. If a certain cod liver oil is particularly fishy, ​​check whether it contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is commonly known as brain gold, because it also has a fishy smell.

Cod liver oil

So, under what circumstances do children need to supplement cod liver oil?

The baby needs to supplement the condition of cod liver oil

If the baby has insufficient breast milk or does not add egg yolks, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A and D, as well as carotene-rich vegetables, fruits and other foods after weaning; or suffer from chronic diarrhea, liver and gallbladder diseases, etc., which affect the absorption of vitamin A and D ; Or suffering from chronic wasting diseases that increase the consumption of vitamin A and D; or lack of sunlight; and too fast growth to increase the demand and other factors can cause vitamin A and or D deficiency.

The content of vitamin A in milk is higher than that in cow's milk. If the lactating mother has adequate nutrition and a balanced diet, most of the vitamin A in milk can meet the needs of the baby. Vitamin D is less in breast milk and cow's milk. Therefore, infants who are breastfed or milk-fed must be given a preventive dose of 400 units of vitamin D every day from 2-3 weeks after birth, and take 2-3 consecutively. In recent years, especially for premature babies, twins, and children with the above-mentioned factors that cause vitamin A and D deficiencies, additional vitamin A and D are needed.


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