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How to distinguish the level of the screw press?

September 27, 2021

screw press

There is a basis for customers to distinguish the several stages of the screw press, and the key depends on the length of the press chamber.

1. Increase the diameter and length of the press chamber, adjust the screw spacing, increase the pressure point of the press chamber, set an oil guide groove in the press chamber of the screw press equipment to separate the oil and cake quickly, and add a built-in infrared heating system according to the oil Varieties have different requirements for temperature, and formulate the best pressing temperature to fully increase the oil yield.

2. All-round squeezing, one machine for multiple purposes: can squeeze peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, oil sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, flax seed, oil seed, avocado, cocoa bean, coconut, etc. A variety of oil crops.

3. Reasonable pressing and high oil output: The principle of multi-stage pressurization is adopted to increase the pressure of the pressing chamber, which can be squeezed out at one time, and the oil output rate is greatly improved. The oil press has a reasonable design, an electromechanical integration, a scientific design, a reasonable structure, simple operation, safety and stability, and it only takes a few minutes from feeding to producing oil. Compared with traditional oil press equipment, it can increase by 2-5 percentage points.

4. Intelligent press room, scientific and reasonable: the traditional design of the inner tank of the press chamber is unreasonable, resulting in the complete flow of oil, and a lot of it is wasted. The new screw oil press has completely transformed the press chamber of the machine. The unique inner groove design makes it easier for the oil to flow out and further improves the oil output rate from the hardware.

5. Universal for North and South, suitable for all seasons: The oil press adopts a heating temperature control system for the oil pan device, which can automatically adjust the crude oil temperature according to changes in the ambient temperature to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration, truly universal for North and South.

6. The longer the length of the press chamber of the oil press, the higher the number of squeezing stages, and the higher the oil output rate. Generally speaking, the larger the oil press model, the longer the press chamber, the higher the pressing stage, and the higher the crop oil yield.

7. The lengthening of the press chamber of the oil press can generally be achieved by lengthening the press shaft, adding more snails, and adding more round rows, and the more added round rows are wide round rows, because the wide round rows can increase the pressing force and increase the pressure point. .