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How to judge the quality of the oil press?

August 03, 2021

The automatic screw oil press uses the screw to rotate in the press ring to form a certain thrust on the material, and gradually reduce the volume formed by the screw and the press ring to remove the oil in the material from the gap in the grid of the press cage. For extruding, a plurality of squeezing screws are installed on the central axis of the squeezing cage, and the adjacent squeezing screws are connected by a lining ring, and the slag is discharged from the discharge port after being pressed dry. The screw press of the screw press directly affects the oil output rate of the oil press and the residual oil rate of the oil cake, so the quality of the screw press directly affects the quality of the screw press.



Screw oil press


1. The life of the screw press determines the life of the screw press

Among the vulnerable parts of the screw press, the most frequently worn and used part is the screw press. Under normal circumstances, the consumable parts must be replaced after the screw press has been used for a certain period of time, so as to avoid failures and shutdowns during the pressing process. problem. The screw press is the core component of the oil press, and its technical performance requirements are high. However, due to the limitation of domestic materials and processing technology for many years, the wear resistance of the screw press directly affects the efficiency and benefit of the oil press, and it has become a domestic screw press. A big problem in the oil machine industry.


Screw oil press


2. Production process of snail pressing by oil press

(1) Blanking: squeezing snails, squeezing ring blanks

(2) Finishing: finish the initial snail pressing through a CNC lathe

(3) Whirlwind milling: CNC whirlwind milling machine has high motion accuracy and good dynamic stability. It is an advanced processing screw machine. The processed snail can be formed at one time, which is 2 levels higher than the general lathe processing accuracy, and the finish is 0.8 mm. Only a professional CNC whirlwind milling machine can produce high-quality, high-tech snail products.

(4) Keyway: Broaching machine uses a broach as a tool, through the form of broaching, can obtain higher dimensional accuracy and smaller surface roughness, so that the production quality of screw press and press ring is greatly improved. The screw press and screw shaft are connected by a positive wedge key. For a long time, the traditional wedge keyway processing technology is basically made by slotting. The slotting keyway and key fit tolerances are large, and the press screw will increase the wear of the connection when the pressing force is increased, resulting in transmission failure. .


Screw oil press


(5) Heat treatment: The rapid development of oil pressing machinery has increasingly higher requirements for snail pressing. The snails, squeezing rings, strips and core components of the oil press are carburized and have a beautiful appearance. The excellent carburized layer structure and ideal carburized hardness can increase the depth of heat treatment. Increase the service life of wearing parts, reduce the user's use cost, make the oil press more carrying capacity, durable and durable.

(6) Polishing and grinding: Precision grinding is a skill that requires high technical requirements! Each pressed snail has to go through the body modification process of "rough grinding, fine grinding and finishing", and these processes are all "handwork" that requires experience and patience.

(7) Laser engraving: Each snail must be laser engraved with the corresponding model label. It is not only an identity authentication for the product, but also a commitment to quality. Customers can easily match the corresponding model and installation location by looking up the digital code on the snail.

(8) Anti-rust protection: The pressed snails need to be protected against rust before storage. A special process is used to form a stable protective film of one to two molecules thick on the surface of the pressed snails to effectively prevent oxygen, humidity and other environmental atmospheres. Corrosion to pressed snails, resulting in excellent anti-rust effect.

(9) Installation inspection: Strictly implement the three inspection systems of first inspection, patrol inspection, and general inspection, and conduct integrated inspections for each factory-made oil press. The inspection and process control are combined in an orderly manner, and the quality problems or possible quality problems of each process are not overlooked. The unqualified and qualified oil press products can not leave the factory.