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How to process pecans

July 27, 2021

Ⅰ. Processing steps

1. Peeling:

Peel the pecans and remove the peel.

2. Water selection:

Put the peeled stone fruits into a basket, and rinse them in water to remove the empty shells and impurities floating on the water.

3. Water steaming:

Put the stone fruit in the bucket and steam for 4-6 hours. The stone fruit will turn from white to brown.

4. Drying:

After the stone fruit is steamed, it can be dried in the sun or dried with charcoal.




Ⅱ. Multi-flavored 

1. Ingredients:

3 grams of saccharin, 200 to 300 grams of milk powder, 10 kilograms of water, 200 grams of salt, 10 to 14 grams of cloves, 30 grams of cinnamon, 40 grams of licorice, and 40 grams of star anise.

2. Production:

①Pour the spices, water, and salt into an iron pan and heat. After boiling, add ordinary pecans and cook for about 1 hour. Pick up the pecans and place them separately from the spice water.

②Pour the milk powder and saccharin into the spice water from the pot and stir evenly, then pour the picked pecans into the soak and turn, and then drain the spice water with a basket.

③Use a basket to sift and wash the coarse sand with the multi-flavored pecans and heat and stir them together in a pot. Keep turning to make the pecans evenly heated until the pecans are dry. You can also use charcoal fire to dry.




Ⅲ. Salt and pepper pecans

1. Ingredients:

5 kg of pecans, 1 kg of fine salt, 0.25 kg of coarse salt, 0.25 kg of pepper noodles.

2. Production:

Pour fine salt and raw walnuts into an iron pan, stir-fry over high heat, and make use of the seam of pecan shells to crack when heated to allow fine salt to penetrate into the cracks. After being fried, it is immersed in salt water mixed with pepper noodles to make the nuts absorb the flavor, then remove, drain the water, and re-fry until dry and serve. When re-frying, first stir-fry the pecans with a strong fire, and when the pecans have evaporated until all the moisture on the surface of the pecans have evaporated, then continue to stir-fry the pecans with a slow fire until the nuts are ivory-colored. When frying, keep turning to avoid uneven raw and cooked. The surface of the fried pecans is slightly white with salt frost, and the 100 kg of pecans shall not be less than 95 kg after being cooked. The salt and pepper pecan has full kernels, easy to remove the kernels, crispy when eaten, and slightly salty.


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