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How to produce pressed soybean oil? What soybean oil processing equipment is needed?

September 23, 2021

Squeezed soybean oil, as the name suggests, is soybean oil obtained through a pressing process. The squeezing method is a method of producing edible oil that uses mechanical force to squeeze the fat from the oil. Using the pressing method to produce soybean oil on the one hand can retain the nutrients and natural fragrance of soybean oil, on the other hand, it will not bring excess impurities to soybean oil. Therefore, many edible oil manufacturers will choose to produce pressed soybean oil and sell it on the market in order to obtain profit. So how to produce pressed soybean oil? What soybean oil processing equipment is needed?

 soybean oil

The soybean oil processing equipment commonly used in the production of pressed soybean oil is a steaming and frying pan and an oil pressing machine. The steaming and frying pan can adjust the temperature, moisture and internal structure of soybeans to speed up the oil extraction rate and change the quality of soybean oil. The oil press machine can not only extract good quality soybean oil, but also is economical and has a small footprint. Therefore, this set of soybean oil processing equipment is suitable for small-scale edible oil manufacturers with a daily processing capacity of 1-10 tons of soybeans.

 Steaming and frying pan and oil pressing machine to produce pressed soybean oil

If your soybean daily processing capacity is more than 10 tons, the engineers of Henan Zhongxing suggest using pre-press and press to produce pressed soybean oil. After the second squeezing, more squeezed soybean oil will be obtained, so as to meet the needs of manufacturers.

 Production of Squeezed Soybean Oil by Secondary Squeezing Method

The above are two common soybean oil processing equipment. In fact, when selecting supporting soybean oil processing equipment, in addition to soybean processing capacity, various factors such as soybean quality, requirements for refined oil, and investment costs must also be considered, so that high-quality pressed soybean oil can be obtained. If you want to produce pressed soybean oil, if you need soybean oil processing equipment, if you have not found a suitable soybean oil processing equipment manufacturer, you can contact us. Henan Zhongxing has an experienced team of engineers and skilled workers who can provide high-quality soybean oil processing equipment. Look forward to working with you.