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How to produce rapeseed oil by pressing method?

September 24, 2021

When you buy rapeseed oil in the market, you will see the word squeezed on the canola oil package, which indicates that the rapeseed oil you buy is produced by pressing. So how to use the pressing method to produce rapeseed oil? What squeezing equipment is needed?

rapeseed oil

The pressing method is a method of extracting rapeseed oil from rapeseed only by mechanical force. It does not change the composition structure of rapeseed oil, and retains the natural aroma of rapeseed oil. It is a popular method of producing rapeseed oil.

There are generally two schemes for producing rapeseed oil by pressing. One is to use a simple oil press machine to produce rapeseed oil. This method can be seen in some rapeseed oil pressing shops. In order to improve the efficiency of squeezing rapeseed oil and ensure the quality of rapeseed oil, some stores will also be equipped with a steaming wok to make the temperature and moisture of the rapeseed reach a good state before pressing. This simple squeezing method has low investment cost, is economical and cost-effective, and is more suitable for small rapeseed oil production plants.

 Oil press machine

For medium and large rapeseed oil production plants, the oil press integrated machine cannot meet their needs. The oil press machine cannot extract all the oil in the rapeseed, and there will be some residual oil left in the cake residue. If the output is large, these residual oils will be a large oil loss. So you can use another squeezing scheme: the second squeezing method.

The rapeseed oil production equipment used in the secondary pressing method mainly includes a pre-press and a press. After the second pressing, the residual oil rate is about 7%, which greatly reduces the oil loss.

Regardless of whether you choose a simple oil pressing machine or use a secondary pressing method to produce rapeseed oil, you must first use the rapeseed pretreatment equipment to adjust the internal structure of the rapeseed, so that the rapeseed reaches a state suitable for pressing, thereby improving the rapeseed oil Production efficiency. At the same time, the pretreatment can clean up the impurities in the rapeseed, avoid the loss of impurities to the rapeseed oil pressing equipment, thereby increasing the service life of the equipment.

 Rapeseed pretreatment equipment

For rapeseed oil producers, a full set of pretreatment equipment is of course a good choice, which can achieve a good pretreatment effect. However, you can also choose a single pretreatment equipment based on your budget and quality of rapeseed, and use manual equipment instead of other mechanical equipment, which can reduce investment costs.

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