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How to store oil crops

September 23, 2021

oil crops

In the actual use process, we need to pay attention to the following matters in the preservation of the raw materials of the oil press:

1. After the raw materials are obtained from Tanaka, we must carry out certain drying work. Moreover, during the drying process, the drying work must be carried out in accordance with the principle of thinning and frequent turning. If not, the raw materials for oil extraction are easy to absorb and dissipate moisture unevenly, and there is no deterioration.

2. After the raw materials for oil extraction are dried in the sun, what we need to do is to remove impurities such as mud and sand through wind and sieve methods. You should know that in the actual residual oil process, if there are more impurities, it will seriously affect the oil quality. Generally speaking, in the actual identification process, we grab the general oil extraction raw materials and place them in our palms, and then tilt and shake our hands to let the oil extraction materials fall from between our fingers. If the lime content is increased, it can be used. If not, it does not meet the conditions for oil extraction.

3. For those newly harvested oil-pressing materials, if they are not able to dry well due to rainy weather, we must cover these raw materials with plastic film, so that there will be no deterioration. .