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Hydraulic oil press

September 17, 2021

The hydraulic oil press is a rack that uses oil to transfer pressure, so that the oil is compressed under static conditions. After the hydraulic oil press finishes pressing, the oil pump stops pressurizing, the piston falls, the residue cake is discharged, and the cake is reloaded, so as to repeatedly press the oil intermittently. Each pressing takes about 2 to 5 hours. The hydraulic oil press occupies a small area, is easy to operate, easy to learn and use. The oil is pure, full-bodied, and clear.

 Hydraulic oil press

1. The main components of hydraulic oil press:

(1) The main components of hydraulic oil press include transmission box, hydraulic cylinder, piston, column, movable top, base, barrel, power distribution box, pressure gauge and automatic temperature control device, etc. The hydraulic oil press uses high-quality metal It is made of materials, which speeds up the performance and life of the hydraulic oil press.

(2) Hydraulic transmission components

The main hydraulic transmission components of the hydraulic oil press are composed of transmission worms, turbines, crankshafts, high-pressure pumps, gear pumps, one-way valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pipes and other components. Our company has also improved the hydraulic three-piston pump station based on advanced technology at home and abroad. It has high efficiency, high pressure, stable pressure, high oil output, high temperature resistance, and continuous operation. The hydraulic oil press has won Unanimous praise from new and old customers.

(3) The performance and characteristics of the main components of the hydraulic two-way cylinder:

The hydraulic oil press cylinder is composed of hydraulic cylinder body, piston, oil cylinder gland, hexagon socket screw, oil seal (made of imported polyurethane material, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, long-term use), hydraulic oil press The characteristic of the hydraulic two-way cylinder is to rely on the oil pump to supply oil to the cylinder to force the piston to rise quickly, quickly fall, short time, high efficiency, high degree of automation, no need to worry about not dropping the cylinder, etc. The hydraulic two-way cylinder developed by our company is in use. The operation is simple, fast, time-saving and high-efficiency.

(4) The electrical control of hydraulic oil press is composed of voltmeter, micro-point temperature controller, electric contact pressure gauge, contactor, relay, infrared heating tube, click and other components.

 Hydraulic oil press

2. Eight precautions for hydraulic oil press:

(1) Only when the top plate is fully placed, can the power supply of the hydraulic oil press be turned on. When using a hydraulic oil press, put the oil into the hydraulic oil press and cover the backing plate.

(2) After the pump starts to work, if the pressure gauge of the hydraulic oil press is not pressured. Please open the oil tank cover of the hydraulic oil press, first adjust the plunger pump large pump core overflow valve cover (the middle hexagonal screw). When the pressure gauge shows 40mpa and the hydraulic oil press system is working normally, adjust the two sides A small pump core overflow valve cover. When the pressure gauge of the hydraulic oil press shows 60mpa, the system should work normally at this time. If there is an abnormality (such as severe vibration, loud noise, etc.), please stop and check to see if the fixing screws of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press are loose and the pipeline Whether there is oil leakage, tighten the screws or replace the packing.

(3) After the slag cake is taken out, the oil slag can be removed only when the internal pressure of the hydraulic oil press is eliminated, and it should be put in an empty barrel.

(4) When the hydraulic oil press motor button is not working, please check the power supply. When the piston of the hydraulic oil press rises slowly, check the rotation direction of the motor of the hydraulic oil press.

(5) If the power supply of the hydraulic oil press is normal, but the host does not press up after the start button, open the fuel tank cover, take out the one-way valve assembly, clean the spring and valve needle inside and install it.

(6) The pointer of the pressure gauge does not rise after 20-40mpa. Please open the oil tank cover of the hydraulic oil press and check for oil leakage. If oil leakage is found, please replace the packing.

(7) When the pressure of the pressure gauge exceeds 40mpa, the large pump core does not overflow and continues to work. When the pressure of the pressure gauge exceeds 60mpa, when the two small pump cores do not overflow and continue to work, please open the fuel tank cap and rotate the corresponding hexagon in reverse. Nut (overflow valve cover) is enough.

(8) Before testing the machine, the user needs to reliably ground or zero the hydraulic oil press shell according to the local power grid regulations. The grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms, and the cross-section of the wire should be greater than 6 square millimeters. Except the staff, it is strictly forbidden to touch the equipment during work.

 Hydraulic oil press

3. The hydraulic oil press needs to pack materials for high water content pressing. Two processes are recommended:

(1) Drying and steaming material: drying---crushing---steaming material---hydraulic oil press---automatic cake

(2) Directly steamed material: crushed --- steamed material --- squeezed by hydraulic oil press --- automatic cake

4. The hydraulic oil press does not need to pack materials for low water content pressing, and two processes are also recommended:

(1) Stir-fried ingredients with water: crushed --- stir-fried ingredients with water --- squeezed by hydraulic oil press --- automatic cake delivery

(2) Fried first and then steamed: crushed---fried material---steamed material---squeezed by hydraulic oil press---automatically output cake