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Hygienic requirements for grease processing plants

September 14, 2021

The safety and hygiene requirements of the oil processing plant are that the oil is in the whole process of "raw material-processing-finished product-packaging-storage and transportation-market", and the material is in a safe, hygienic and non-polluted environment from beginning to end. The design of the oil plant is to process the oil It is a vital guarantee for safety and health, so the design must be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the environment, production facilities, processing technology and process, inspection equipment, storage and transportation process in accordance with the grease laws and regulations.

grease processing plants

1. Factory environment

 The site of the oil plant should be in an area with dry terrain, convenient transportation, and sufficient water sources. There should be no pollution sources around the plant area, and it should be kept away from harmful places. The environment of the factory area should be hygienic and clean, the items should be stacked neatly, and the waste should be stored away from the production workshop after processing, and should not be located in the upper wind direction of the workshop.

2. Workshop environment

The workshop should be kept clean and tidy, the site should be hard, flat, well-drained and well ventilated. The workshop should have sufficient space to facilitate equipment installation, maintenance, material storage and transportation, and sanitation and cleaning personnel to pass. If the site is easy to clean, disinfect, mold, and corrosion, it must be equipped with facilities for disinfection, flies, rodents, changing clothes, washing sewage discharge, and waste storage. The ambient temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions of the workshop should meet the requirements of the production process and regulations.

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