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If you want to open a sesame oil workshop, what equipment do you need to process small sesame oil?

September 26, 2021

Before you open a sesame oil workshop, let us know some useful information about the sesame oil production process. Sesame oil production equipment is the main machine for producing sesame oil. The complete set of sesame oil production equipment mainly includes: cleaning equipment, hot-air seed frying machine, sesame oil press, filter, etc. Sesame oil production equipment is specially designed for extracting sesame oil. Henan Zhongxing Company is a manufacturer of sesame oil production equipment, which can produce and supply sesame oil equipment with various processing capacities.

 sesame oil

Process flow chart of sesame oil machine:

Sesame→cleaning equipment→hot-air seed frying machine→hydraulic oil press→plate and frame filter→sesame oil

1. Clean up equipment:

The main equipment in the cleaning section of the sesame oil production line is a magnetic separator, a cleaning sieve, and a stone removal machine. The function of these machines is to complete the processes of raw material feeding, screening, stone removal, and magnetic separation. The application of sesame cleaning equipment can reduce damage to subsequent machines.

 Clean up equipment

2. Hot-air seed frying machine:

The hot-air seed frying machine is used to adjust the temperature of the moisture in the sesame seeds to achieve the technical requirements of sesame oil pressing.

 Hot-air seed frying machine

3. Sesame oil press:

Sesame oil press is a machine that can squeeze oil from rapeseed, peanut, sesame, sunflower seed, cottonseed, palm kernel, linseed, cocoa bean and other fats. For the processing of sesame seeds, hydraulic oil presses are commonly used.

 Hydraulic sesame oil press

 4. Filter:

The sesame oil processed by the filter is directly consumed, and the plate and frame filter is also the main stand-alone equipment in the sesame oil production equipment.

 Sesame Oil Filter

The above is an introduction to the main equipment needed to open a sesame oil workshop. If you want to know more about the sesame oil machine and sesame oil production equipment, please feel free to contact us!