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Introduction of corn oil production process

September 26, 2021

The process of corn oil production refers to the process of obtaining corn oil from corn germ. If your raw material is corn, you need to extract corn germ from corn first, and then produce corn oil.

There are two common corn oil production processes: one is the squeezing method, which is suitable for small and medium-sized corn oil production plants; the other is the solvent extraction method, which is suitable for large-scale corn oil production plants. At present, most corn oil manufacturers use the squeezing method to produce corn oil, with an output rate of about 65%. The use of solvent extraction to produce corn oil has a yield rate of 97%, so large corn oil producers generally choose solvent extraction to produce corn oil.

 corn oil

1. Squeezing method

According to the different output, the pressing method can be divided into two ways. One is to use a steaming pan and an all-in-one machine for simple pressing, which is suitable for small corn oil production plants with an output of 1-10 tons/day. This method is economical and cost-effective, and the investment cost is low. The second is to use pre-press and press for secondary pressing. If your output is more than 10 tons/day, it is recommended to choose this corn oil production process, which can reduce oil loss. The residual oil in the cake after squeezing is about 6% to 7%, which is a large loss for large corn oil production plants and requires the use of solvent extraction. After solvent leaching, the residual oil in the cake is less than 1%.

Simple squeezing with steaming and frying pan and integrated machine 

2. Solvent leaching method

Before solvent leaching, corn germ needs to be processed. Use corn germ pretreatment equipment to adjust the internal structure of corn germ to a state suitable for leaching and improve the leaching effect. Leaching refers to the process of contacting the processed corn germ cake with a solvent to dissolve the solvent and corn oil in the cake, and then obtaining the corn oil through a mixed oil processing system. What we get after leaching is crude corn oil, which contains some trace impurities, which is not conducive to the consumption and preservation of corn oil. The crude corn oil needs to be further refined to remove impurities in the crude corn oil. The components of refined corn oil meet national standards and can be sold in the market.

The value of corn oil produced by solvent extraction is relatively high, but the investment cost of this corn oil production process is relatively high. If your output is more than 20 tons/day, or you have high requirements for the quality of corn oil, solvent extraction is a good choice.

Extraction equipment

I believe that now you have some understanding of the corn oil production process. You can choose the appropriate corn oil production process according to your own output, budget, and refined oil requirements. If you need to be equipped with corresponding corn oil production equipment, you can leave a message below and we will reply within 24 hours.