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Introduction of sunflower oil dewaxing process

September 24, 2021

Sunflower seed oil dewaxing process is a process in which sunflower seed oil dewaxing equipment is used to remove wax in sunflower oil to obtain high-quality sunflower oil. Under normal circumstances, the wax content in wool sunflower oil is about 0.06% - 0.2%. These waxes not only affect the transparency and taste of sunflower oil, but also produce peculiar smells during cooking, which affect human health. Therefore, dewaxing of sunflower oil is an important step in the production of sunflower oil. After dewaxing, the wax in sunflower oil is removed, and the value of sunflower oil is also improved. Therefore, most customers choose to dewax the crude sunflower oil.

 sunflower oil

Sunflower seed oil dewaxing process generally includes the following steps: heating, heat exchange, cooling, crystallization, crystal growth, filtration, and heat exchange. The sunflower oil dewaxing equipment used mainly includes plate heat exchangers, crystallization tanks, plate and frame filters, etc. Let's take a look at the detailed process of sunflower oil dewaxing process.

Sunflower seed oil to be dewaxed is generally stored in a tank, and the oil temperature is within 30°C. At this temperature, part of the wax in the oil will precipitate crystals and agglomerate into crystal grains. If crystallization and crystallization are carried out directly, it will affect the precipitation and crystallization effect of the wax during the dewaxing process. Therefore, it is necessary to heat the sunflower oil first to dissolve the precipitated wax in the oil. Then the oil temperature is reduced by a heat exchanger, and the crude oil is passed into the crystallization tank.

Edible oil dewaxing process

The sunflower oil in the crystallization tank is cooled by the cold water coil. In order to make the precipitated wax agglomerate and make the sunflower oil cool evenly, proper stirring is required, but the stirring speed should not be too fast, preferably 10-15r/min.

After the sunflower oil is cooled to the specified temperature, stop stirring and keep it for a period of time, so that the uncrystallized wax will continue to crystallize and the small crystal grains will continue to grow. This process is crystal growth, and the time period is 12-16h.

The crystallized sunflower oil is filtered through a plate and frame filter to separate the sunflower oil from the wax, thereby removing the wax in the sunflower oil. The filtered sunflower oil is pumped into the plate heat exchanger for heat exchange with the undewaxed oil, and then stored in the warehouse to obtain the refined oil.

 Plate and frame filter

This is the operating process of the sunflower oil dewaxing process. As the wax content of the crude sunflower oil is different, the quality of the refined oil required by the customer is also different, so the technical parameters of the sunflower oil dewaxing process need to be debugged and confirmed by the engineer. If you need to dewax sunflower oil, please contact Henan Zhongxing. Our engineers will customize the sunflower oil dewaxing process for you and equip the corresponding sunflower oil dewaxing equipment. Looking forward to your call.