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Is it profitable to open a small peanut oil press workshop?

August 03, 2021

Small-scale peanut oil pressing workshops are generally opened in rural areas or near towns and villages for local consumers to purchase or process and press peanut oil. With the gradual rise of large edible oil processing plants, can these small peanut oil mills still make money? What about the profit?

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Small peanut oil press workshops can make money. The specific reasons are as follows:


1. The oil production process of the small peanut oil pressing workshop is transparent. Consumers can see the production and pressing process from peanut to peanut oil, and they are very relieved of the peanut oil pressing workshop.


2. The peanut oil production in the small peanut oil pressing workshop uses physical pressing to retain the natural fragrance, and the nutrients in the oil are also kept intact, which can meet the consumer's edible needs.


3. Small-scale peanut oil mills are generally located in densely populated areas, with wide sales channels and stable consumers.


In summary, the small-scale peanut oil press workshop has both good quality peanut oil and a solid consumer base, so that the oil press workshop can make money.


What is the profit of the small peanut oil press workshop?


Let's take the processing of 100kgs of peanuts a day as an example to analyze.


Generally, the oil content of peanuts is about 47%. The residual oil rate of peanut oil press is generally around 6%. Then the peanut oil kilograms that 100kgs of peanuts can get is as follows:




The price of 1 kilogram of peanut oil is about 30 yuan, so the income brought by 100kgs of peanuts is: 41kgs * 15 yuan = 1230 yuan.


Then the profit brought by 100kgs of peanut oil is: 1230-863=367 yuan.


According to the above profit cost analysis, opening a small peanut oil squeezing workshop can make money, and the profit is good. Customers who want to open a small peanut oil pressing workshop can take action. If you have any questions, you can consult Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery, a peanut oil production equipment manufacturer.