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Is non-GMO cooking oil good?

August 13, 2021

If non-GMO edible oil is good or not, you have to know what genetically modified edible oil is at first. As a cutting-edge technology, genetic modification can change the composition of genes in plants.

As soon as genetically modified technology was introduced, one side believed that genetically modified technology could very well speed up our quality of life, and on the other side believed that genetically modified technology was not perfect and did not know what side effects it would have on food, so the risk was high. Because genetically modified technology is a cutting-edge technology, so everything has not yet been concluded, and various opinions are also in dispute. Therefore, today we come to understand the issue of whether non-genetically modified edible oil is good or not.


Edible oil


Non-GMO edible oil is the traditional edible oil we eat, and the edible oil here mainly refers to vegetable oil. The vegetable edible oils that we often eat include peanut oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, etc.

However, since there are so many types of non-GMO edible oil, what non-GMO edible oil is good? Speaking of which, we need to understand the classification of edible oil in my country. my country divides edible oil into four grades. The first grade oil is highly refined vegetable oil, the purity of this oil has reached 99%. There is basically no original taste of plants, and the color is relatively transparent. The secondary oil has to be decolorized at least. In the process, a lot of the original nutrients in the vegetable oil are lost. What we often eat belongs to the tertiary oil, which only undergoes a simple deacidification treatment to retain the original flavor and nutrition of the plant. It is relatively healthy.


Edible oil


Is non-GMO cooking oil good? The traditional edible oils we often eat are all non-GMO edible oils, so its benefits are inevitable. Non-genetically modified edible oil contains a lot of unsaturated acids, regular consumption will not speed up our cholesterol, blood lipids and blood sugar will not rise. Moreover, the non-GMO edible oil contains many inorganic salts, amino acids and vitamins of the plant itself, especially the tertiary oil, which basically retains the nutrients that the plant itself should have, and is relatively healthy.

We cannot simply say whether non-GMO cooking oil is good or not, but should choose according to our own needs. For example, sesame oil or olive oil should be used for cold dressing, and peanut oil should be used for calcium supplementation. You should choose the edible oil that suits you according to your specific needs.

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