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Is the tea seed oil and peanut oil refining equipment the same?

September 07, 2021

When investing in oil plants to purchase grease equipment, multiple manufacturers must conduct inspections and comparisons, because an oil plant uses many grease equipment, including pretreatment equipment, steaming and frying equipment, oil press equipment, refined oil equipment, and edible oil filling equipment. Install the production line, this is a situation. There is also a situation where the squeezing method is not used, but the leaching method is used. The equipment purchased is pretreatment equipment, embossing equipment, puffing equipment, leaching equipment, refining equipment, and edible oil filling production line.


oil refining equipment


For different oils, the oil production technology and equipment used are different, so as the title is, are the tea seed oil and peanut oil refining equipment the same?

The answer to this question is yes, because the title asks about refining equipment.

Whether it is vegetable oil or animal oil, as long as it is edible oil, if it wants to be sold, it must meet the requirements of the national standard. To meet the requirements of the national standard for edible oil, it must be refined by refining equipment.

Selecting oil refining equipment is like doing a math problem. We need to give the known quantity and find the unknown quantity. Now the national standard of tea seed oil and the national standard of peanut oil are known quantities. With the known quantity, we can confidently purchase and meet the requirements. Known amount of grease equipment out.

Let's take a look at what functions are included in the first-level refining equipment to see if it can meet the needs of our oil plants.


oil refining equipment


What are the functions of primary oil refining equipment?

(1) Degumming: removing phospholipids, mucus, resins, proteins, sugars, trace metals, etc. in the crude oil, generally using hydration and acid refining methods.

(2) Deacidification: Use food grade lye neutralization method to remove free fatty acids, acid pigments, sulfides, insoluble impurities and trace metals in the oil.

(3) Dehydration: Use heating and vacuum drying to remove the water in the refined oil.

(4) Decolorization: Use adsorbents such as clay, aluminum silicate, and activated carbon to remove various pigments, colloids, oxides, etc. in the oil.

(5) Deodorization: The principle of vacuum stripping is used to remove low-molecular odorous substances, free fatty acids, monoglycerides, glycolipids, sulfides, and thermal decomposition products of pigments in the oil.

(6) Dewaxing or degreasing: mainly use freezing, crystallization or winterization crystallization, and fractionation to remove wax or solid fat in the oil.

It can be seen that the functions of the above-mentioned first-class oil refining equipment are fully in line with our first-class national oil standards, so the answer is that the tea seed oil and peanut oil refining equipment are the same. Owners who want to invest in oil plants, you only need to buy a set of oil refining equipment, you can refine more than a dozen kinds of edible oil.

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