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Making of ordinary potato vermicelli

July 22, 2021

Making of ordinary potato vermicelli

potato vermicelli

1. Process flow:

Raw material selection→starch processing→beaten flour and noodles→leak powder into silk→cool and dry silk finished product

2. operation points

(1)Material selection: select potatoes that are pest-free and mold-free, and wash away the sediment and dirt on the epidermis.

(2)Starch processing: crush and filter the washed potatoes, add an appropriate amount of physalis and stir for precipitation (the physalis water is stored separately from the floating water of the first precipitation), and the amount of physalis depends on the temperature. If the temperature is around 10°C, the pH value should be adjusted to 5.6-6.0; if the temperature is above 20°C, the pH value should be adjusted to 6.0-6.5. The precipitated powder juice is quickly drained from the floating water, digging out the upper layer of black powder, and then added with clean water. Stir evenly with a wooden stick, settling, draining, and powdering the bag to increase the viscosity and make the starch white. After hanging the bag, it can be broken into flakes by hand Place in a closed container and smoke with sulfur.

(3)Beating glutinous rice flour and noodles: add 50℃ warm water to twice the starch quality in a basin, add water and mix into a thin powder paste, then quickly pour boiling water into the adjusted thin powder paste, and stir it clockwise with a wooden stick. , Until the powder is transparent and uniform, serve as a powder. Then mix the noodles with wet starch. The amount of noodles is 5% in winter and 4% in spring, summer and autumn. The temperature of mixing is about 30℃; when it is cold, put the mixing bowl in warm water of about 40℃. in. The water content of Hecheng noodles is 48-50%, and 0.3-0.6% alum powder of total starch is added before Hecheng.

(4)Powder leakage molding: Put the mixed noodles into the powder leakage scoop, and then add the noodles while tapping while leaking. Wait for the powder line to leak evenly and then turn it over the pot. The distance between the powder scoop and the water surface in the pot is 45-55 cm while heating to keep the water slightly boiled.

(5)Cooling and drying: the water in the pot should be kept at the same level as the noodles, so that the boiled noodles can be immersed in cold water. The cooling water should be changed frequently. The noodles should be light and the noodles should be uniform. The dried vermicelli is dried on the noodle pole, and the vermicelli can be sold in bundles after drying.

potato vermicelli