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Method of drying corn seeds

July 27, 2021

1. Dry the stalks in the field.

When the female ears enter the late stage of wax maturity, peel the bracts from the top of the ears from top to bottom, peel them to the end, and do not stay on the grains. In order to prevent the bracts from recovering and causing water to accumulate at the base of the ears, it is best to bind and fix the bracts with twine or leather to make the fruit completely exposed.


2. Dry in the field with high stubble.

While harvesting the ears, leave 2 rows every 4-6 female parent rows, cut off the corn stalks, leave the stubble to be about 50 cm high, and then peel off the outer bracts of the ears, leaving 3~4 bracts inside. Leaves, every 6~8 ears are bundled into 1 hand, hung on the stubble, tied and hung with the stubble, and rotated once every 2 to 3 days.

3. Hang up and dry in the courtyard.

In the farmhouse yard, use wooden sticks, iron wire and other materials to build a shelf, the height of which is about 150 cm, and then 8-10 ears of fruit are bundled into a pair, placed on the shelf, and rotated once in 2 to 3 days.


4. Drying on the roof and drying yard.

Spread the ears with clean bracts and filaments on the roof or drying field for drying. The ears are required to be evenly spread and not too thick. Turn 1 to 2 times a day.

5. Airing in a net bag.

Put the clean bracts and silk ears into a net bag neatly, and then evenly place them on a well-ventilated wall, wooden frame or roof, and flip the direction once every 2 to 3 days. The bagged fruit ears should not be too large or too solid, so as not to affect the drying effect.

6. Air-dry on the hot kang.

In case of special years, when the moisture content of the seeds continues to be high, reaching about 20%, emergency measures such as fire-kang seeding, indoor storage or timely threshing and drying should be taken to ensure the safe precipitation of seeds.



7. Pay attention to the problem.

In addition to peeling stalks in the field and drying with high stubble, no matter which drying method is adopted, it is required that the drying site must be dry on the ground, ventilated to the sun, and equipped with rainproof facilities. Do not store the ears of fruits in warehouses, bags or piles for long periods of time.


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