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Methods and techniques of edible oil refining equipment to improve the quality of refined oil

August 06, 2021

Edible oil is almost a commodity that we consume every day, and is closely related to our health. With the continuous progress of society, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation, so there are higher and higher requirements for the quality of edible oil. Today we will compare and introduce for you the methods that our edible oil refining equipment relies on to speed up the quality of refined oil. Mainly analyze from the following five points:


Refining equipment



1. Catalyst function

There are many oxidation-promoting substances in the oil itself, such as trace metals, especially variable metals, which have an intuitive effect on the quality of the oil. They are powerful catalysts for the auto-oxidation and rancidity of fats and oils. Due to their existence, they greatly shorten the induction period of fat oxidation and speed up the oxidation reaction.


30T semi-continuous refining equipment on the second floor (upper part)


2. Grasp the temperature

Temperature is an extremely important factor that affects the speed of chemical reactions. For general chemical reactions, the rate of chemical reaction will double for every 10°C increase in temperature; for the rate of fat oxidation, temperature also plays an important role. Therefore, in the refining process, the temperature at each step needs to be strictly controlled.

3. Supplementary oxygen

The auto-oxidation and polymerization process is a process in which oils and oils react with oxygen, and the amount of oxygen absorbed is gradually increased during the reaction. In general, the greater the concentration of oxygen, the faster the oxidation rate. In the storage container, the greater the partial pressure of oxygen, the faster the oxidation proceeds.


30T semi-continuous refining equipment on the first floor (lower part)


4. Appropriate amount of water

Moisture can cause the putrefaction of hydrophilic substances (such as phospholipids, enzymes, microorganisms, etc.), increase the rate of putrefaction, strengthen the activity of enzymes, facilitate the reproduction of microorganisms, lead to hydrolytic rancidity, and increase the production of oil peroxides. So in the refining process, there will be several steps of dehydration operation.

5. Appropriate light and ray light

Especially ultraviolet rays can promote the oxidation of oils and fats. This is due to photo-oxidation, which can decompose the trace amount of hydroperoxide in the oil, generate free radicals, and enter a chain reaction, which accelerates the oxidation of the oil. High-energy rays irradiating food can intuitively accelerate the susceptibility to oxidative rancidity. This phenomenon is usually explained as the generation of radicals induced by radiation.

Through the above analysis, we must have a better understanding of how edible oil refining equipment improves the quality of refined oil, and everyone can be more convinced of the quality of refined oil.