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New Processing Technology of Pumpkin Powder

July 30, 2021

Pumpkin is a common agricultural product that can be processed into a series of foods such as pumpkin powder, pumpkin sauce, dried pumpkin, pumpkin crystals, pumpkin jelly and so on. It has been repeatedly verified by medical experts at home and abroad that pumpkin powder has certain curative effects on many diseases and is a kind of health food. At present, the developed countries of the world mainly rely on imports of pumpkin powder, while my country’s pumpkin planting area is large and the output is high. Therefore, the development of pumpkin food production and export sales have broad prospects. Now the pumpkin powder processing technology is introduced as follows:

Pumpkin powder

1. Raw material processing:

Choose a pumpkin with a smooth appearance, hard skin and orange-red flesh, wash and remove the stalks, peel, and seeds, and set aside.

2. Drying into silk:

Cut the processed melon into silk with a shredder, soak it in clean water for 1 hour, take it out, and spread it on a field covered with clean plastic cloth (or gauze), using natural wind or Dry in the sun.

10 ton flour processing equipment

3. Rinse and dry:

Rinse the dust on the shredded melon with water, then put the shredded melon in the oven, adjust the temperature to stabilize at 60-80℃, bake for about 8 hours until it feels dry, take it out, and place it in a porcelain basin.

4. Crushing and sieving:

First sterilize the grinder and dry it, then pulverize the dried pumpkin into fine powder, and then siev the pulverized powder through 60-80 mesh, the coarse powder can be crushed again.

300-ton flour processing complete equipment

5. Sterilization and packaging:

Put the crushed and sieved powder into an oven, adjust the temperature to 80°C, bake for 2 hours, and sterilize. Finally, aseptic packaging with a vacuum packaging machine is the finished pumpkin powder.


The above wonderful content is the sharing of the new technology of pumpkin powder processing by Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.