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Oil extraction equipment for cottonseed cake

September 06, 2021

Cottonseed oil is produced from cotton seeds. The oil content of cottonseed kernels is 35%-45%. Cottonseed oil is also produced here. Wool cottonseed oil contains impurities and is harmful to human health. Wool cottonseed oil is not recommended for consumption. It needs to be refined before it can be eaten normally. Refined cottonseed oil contains a lot of fatty acids needed by the human body, including palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, etc. These nutrients are the main ingredients for maintaining human health.

The processing of cottonseed oil requires a refining process, and refining is not the only one. Preliminary pressing or leaching is also necessary. Only when crude oil is produced can refining be achieved. The processing of cottonseed oil is mainly the pressing method and the leaching method. The output of the method is small, and the leaching oil process is more suitable for large-scale oil processing plants, with large processing capacity, high oil yield, and low operating costs. This is the key reason why the leaching oil process monopolizes the oil market.

  The cottonseed oil processing is selected as the leaching oil process. The leaching oil equipment is an important equipment. A good leaching equipment can generate more profits for users. So which cottonseed oil leaching equipment with high quality and low price to choose? Here is a suggestion to the user for the Henan Zhongxing grain and oil machinery manufacturer, which has good quality, rich experience, and more trust from users. The specific competitive advantages are as follows.

Oil extraction equipment

1. Compared with other manufacturers'leaching equipment, Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery's leaching oil technology is more mature and stable. It has dozens of domestic oil and fat engineers, and has in-depth cooperation with universities and mechanical research institutes to apply mature technology to the production of equipment. With more than 30 years of successful production experience, the equipment is not only of good quality, excellent technology, and stable performance, but also an effective guarantee for user profits.

2. Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery's cottonseed leaching oil equipment has high leaching efficiency, which can effectively reduce the residual oil in the cottonseed cake to less than 1%, ensuring a higher oil yield, and the equipment is very rich in various models and configurations, with a daily output of 10 tons Up to 3,000 tons, the models are available, and they can also be tailored according to the actual processing conditions of the users. The production line is complete and compatible, which can meet the different needs of various users.

3. The sales of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery's leaching oil equipment has been rising all the way, relying on excellent quality, mature technology, solid workmanship, and affordable prices. Under the premise of ensuring quality and excellent performance, the factory sells directly to reduce users. Investment pressure, good market credibility, can withstand the test of the market and users, and it is worth buying.

  Processing cottonseed oil, selecting oil extraction equipment, go to Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Factory, specializing in the production of various vegetable oil refining equipment, leaching equipment, animal oil refining equipment, oil plant production line equipment, users are welcome to visit and purchase.