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Operation method of squeezing rice bran with screw oil press

September 18, 2021

screw oil press

1. Screening: Sift out impurities such as broken rice, big bran flakes, etc., so that there are no hard cores when you knead it. Especially remove broken rice. Because the main component of broken rice is starch, it absorbs water and swells into a sticky shape when steaming the embryo, which blocks the oil pipe during squeezing and reduces the oil yield.

2. Warm water: add 3-4% warm water at 50℃.

3. Stirring: The agitator rotates at 480 to 500 revolutions per minute. Stir for 10-15 minutes, and increase the temperature to 54-58°C.

4. Insulation and moisturizing: There are two methods, one is to heat the entire workshop with steam heating pipes; the other is to keep the press warm. That is, use a wooden board, etc. to close the press secrets to prevent the cake from losing temperature to maintain the required temperature. Practice has proved that the room temperature is maintained at about 30℃, and the heat preservation method of the press can increase the oil yield. Keep the temperature for 30 minutes, the temperature is 56~58℃, and the moisture content is 13.5~13.8%.

5. Press for making cakes: Each cake weighs about 2 kg, and the squeezed water content is about 13.8%.

6. Crude oil filtration: The squeezed raw bran oil contains impurities such as cake powder and is filtered with a 60-mesh screen. The oil temperature during filtration is generally around 80°C.