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Planting Techniques of Summer Sweet Potatoes

August 02, 2021

1. Planting time

Early insertion at the right time is beneficial to increase production. The minimum growth temperature of potato root is 15℃, so in production, it is necessary to control the temperature stably passing 18℃ as the upper limit for planting. Generally, it can be planted in late April, and try to finish planting in late May. Planting is best to choose when the soil is not dry or wet on a cloudy day. It is better to plant in the afternoon when the temperature is high on a sunny day. It is not suitable to plant sweet potatoes after heavy rain, which is easy to form firewood roots. You should wait until the rain has passed and the weather is clear and the soil moisture is suitable before planting. It is not advisable to irrigate after planting, irrigating after planting or planting after heavy rain. The survival rate is higher, but potato seedlings often do not grow well for a long time. The reason is that the soil is saturated with water and the soil temperature is cold. At the same time, the soil also changes. It is more compact, and the oxygen content in the soil is reduced, which hinders the development of the root system and slows growth. For long periods of drought and lack of rain, you can consider drought-resistant planting, digging holes and spraying water. After the water dries, cover with thin soil, and step on it after planting the seedlings so that the roots are in close contact with the soil to survive early. If water is sprayed after planting the seedlings, it needs to be covered with dry soil to moisturize.


Sweet potato field


2. Cut seedlings

The time of cutting seedlings depends on the time of planting and planting. Generally, the height of seedlings is 20-25cm and the seedlings are cut. When cutting seedlings, the potato seedlings should be cut flat on 2 nodes off the ground, usually 5 nodes, and then inserted at any time.

3. Reasonable dense planting

The planting density of sweet potatoes should be determined according to the variety, soil fertility, fertilization level and planting method. The direct planting density of short vines is generally about 4000 plants per mu; the oblique planting of long vines should be thin, generally 2500-3500 plants are planted, and the plant spacing is generally about 25cm. .


Sweet potato field


4. Planting method.

There are two main methods for planting summer sweet potatoes:

(1) In-line

It is carried out when the soil is wet after soaking rain. The potato seedlings are short, with only 4-5 nodes. The potato seedlings are vertically inserted into the soil for 2-3 nodes, and 1-2 nodes are exposed. The advantage is that the seedlings are deeper, can absorb water and nutrients from the lower layer, can resist drought and barrenness, have a high survival rate, and save labor for planting. The disadvantage is that the lower nodes are too deep into the soil, poor ventilation and less potatoes, not many nodes into the soil, and single plant knots. The number of potatoes is less.

(2) Oblique interpolation

High-yield cultivated sweet potatoes generally adopt the oblique cutting method. The potato seedlings are required to have 5-7 knots, 2-3 knots in the soil, and 2-4 knots exposed. The advantage is that the number of tubers per plant is increased, and large potatoes are easy to grow near the soil surface. The disadvantage is that the drought resistance ability is slightly worse than that of direct insertion.

After planting the summer sweet potatoes, mix 1-1.5 kilograms of 10% phoxim granules and 10 kilograms of fine soil to make poisonous soil to prevent nematodes and silkworms in the soil. The dosage per mu is about 10 kilograms, and the dosage per hole is about 2 grams.


Sweet potato


5. Check the seedlings to fill up the vacancies to ensure the whole seedlings

After the sweet potato is inserted, the dead seedlings are often lacking due to drought, pest damage or improper planting. Therefore, it is necessary to check seedlings to fill the gaps in time 3-7 days after planting, and implement key management of replanted potato seedlings to catch up with the previous seedlings.


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