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Preparation of rapeseed oil by leaching oil equipment technology

September 10, 2021

The process of preparing rapeseed oil by leaching oil equipment technology:

Rapeseed → cleaning → softening → rolling embryo → steaming and frying → pre-pressing → pre-squeezed cake-leaching → mixed oil evaporation and steam stripping → leaching crude oil ↓ ↓ machine pressing crude oil ← filtration desolventization → rapeseed meal


 Main process parameters:

(1) Cleaning: Remove impurities in rapeseed, and the content of impurities after cleaning should not exceed 0.5%.

(2) Softening: The softening temperature is 50-60℃, the moisture is about 9%, and the softening time is 12min.

(3) Rolled embryo: The thickness of the rolled embryo is about 0.35mm, which is less powdery and does not show oil.

(4) Steaming and stir-frying: the discharging moisture is 4-6%, and the discharging temperature is about 110℃.

(5) Pre-squeezing: using an oil press, the squeezing water is 4-5%, the squeezing temperature is about 110℃, and the oil content in the cake is about 12%.

(6) Leaching equipment: Use No. 6 solvent oil, the general temperature is 50-55℃, the immersion solvent to material ratio is 1.6-2:1, and the spray leaching solvent to material ratio is 0.3-1:1 , The concentration of mixed oil is controlled at 10-25%.

(7) Desolubilization: The temperature of the meal is 105-110℃, and the moisture content is below 10-12%.

(8) Evaporation: The discharge temperature of the mixed oil is not more than 120℃, and the water vapor is 0.2-0.4Mpa.

(9) Stripping: the mixed oil feed temperature is 90-100℃, the feed concentration is 90%, the solvent content is not more than 0.3%; the direct vapor pressure is 0.2-0.3Mpa, the indirect vapor pressure is 0.02-0.04Mpa


 Standards used in the product:

GB11762—89 rapeseed GB1536—86 rapeseed oil ZBX14011—87 advanced rapeseed cooking oil

 leaching oil equipment technology

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