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Processed products of lotus root: lotus root powder, sugar lotus root slices and dried lotus root

July 29, 2021

1. Lotus root noodles.

Choose fresh lotus roots with coarse knots, high starch content, and wash them in clean water, remove the lotus roots, and mash and grind them with a masher. Then put the lotus root pulp in a cloth bag, connect a container such as a tub or a basin, and rinse the cloth bag with clean water. Flush the lotus root dregs while turning the lotus root dregs until the lotus root pulp in the lotus root dregs is washed. Settle the washed sand out, put the middle layer slurry in another container, add clean water and stir to dilute, and then settle again. Repeat this one or two times to remove the fine lotus root residue and the silt contained in the lotus root flour. The lotus root powder deposited after rinsing is wrapped in a cloth bag or fine gauze cloth, hung with a rope, and drained for about 12 hours. Then break the wet lotus root noodles into 0.5-1 kg noodles, put them in the sun or in a baking room or bake them for 1 to 2 hours, then use bamboo chips to cut the noodles into thin slices, sun or dry them, and use Pack the plastic film bag, seal it, and put it in a wooden box.

lotus root starch

2. Sugar lotus root slices.

Choose fresh lotus roots with white flesh, thick roots, and 8 cm or more in diameter, and cut them in sections, remove the stalks, peel off the skin, and then put them in clean water to clean them. Cut the lotus root joints into slices about 1 cm thick with a stainless steel knife.

Take 200 grams of alum and dissolve it in clean water, and submerge the lotus root slices in water to prevent oxidation and browning. Remove the lotus root slices (65 kg), put them in boiling water and boil them. In the blanching process, first add 300 grams of alum and 100 grams of sodium carbonate, and stir frequently. After it is cooked, remove it and soak it in clean water for 12 hours, then remove it and drain.


Sugar lotus root slices

First heat 20 kg of granulated sugar with water to dissolve it into a 40% sugar solution, pour in the drained lotus root slices, soak for 12-20 hours, pour into an aluminum pot and cook for 40 minutes, add 20 kg of granulated sugar, and continue to cook for 20 About minutes. Then pour all into the jar, soak the sugar for about 8 days, filter out the raw sugar liquid, add 25 kg of granulated sugar, add 5 kg of boiling water, and boil together with the lotus root slices for about 30 minutes, stirring constantly, so that the sugar evenly penetrates sheet. When the temperature reaches 112°C, lotus root slices emerge. During the cooling process of lotus root slices, mix 5 kg of granulated sugar with water. 5kg, heat to dissolve, pour it on the lotus root slices while it is hot, mix while pouring, and cool to become the finished product.

3. Lotus root.

(1) Ingredients: 100 kg of fresh lotus root, 70 kg of sugar.

(2) Process flow:

Material selection→preparation→acid bleaching→water bleaching→honey stain→re-staining→receiving pot→finished product

Lotus root

(3) Production points:

Material selection: Choose fresh lotus roots with white and tender meat and strong roots, cut off the pedicles, and wash them with water.

Preparing: Put the lotus root in a pot and add water to boil, cook until the lotus root is slightly soft, and when the skin can be gently scraped off with bamboo chopsticks, take it out of the pot and soak in cold water. After cooling, scrape the skin with a bamboo stick and cut with a knife Into 1 cm thick lotus root slices.

Acid bleaching: Put the sliced lotus root slices into rice soup or rice water for acid bleaching for 7 days.

Water bleaching: Put the acid-bleached lotus root slices in clean water for 48 hours and change the water 4 times a day.

Honey stain: Put the lotus root in a honey jar, add cold sugar water for honey stain, scoop the sugar water into the pot on the second day, boil it to 103℃, and re-stain.

Close the pot: On the 4th day, pour the lotus root and sugar water into the pot, cook for 30 minutes, bring the temperature to 108°C, and leave the pot to stand.

Finished product: The lotus root slices are dried and packaged to become the finished product.


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