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Screw oil press-the role of the screw shaft in the oil press

September 26, 2021

Screw oil press

   With the help of mechanical external force, the screw oil press causes the grease distributed on the inner and outer surfaces of the material embryo to generate heat after being pushed by the screw shaft to get rid of the adsorption force of the material embryo and overflow. This process of squeezing out from the oil It is called oil extraction. The designed raw material of the screw press is the most advanced in the world so far, which can automatically squeeze and discharge slag. According to the number of squeezing stages, the screw press is divided into one-stage pressing, two-stage pressing and multi-stage pressing.


   According to the scale, there are small, medium and large. The oil press we often say is a small household oil press. The screw oil press can be used in the selection of oil. The seeds and pulp of various herbs and woody plants are collectively referred to as oil (only when the oil content is more than 10% can it have the value of processing oil). Among the oils of the screw press, the herbal ones include soybean, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seed, linseed, castor bean, etc., and the woody ones include palm, coconut, olive, tea seed, tung seed, etc.


   Nowadays, there are many types of oil presses. We know that the most used oil press is the screw press. The screw press uses the screw to push the embryo inward continuously for pressing. What plays a very important role in this process is the screw shaft of the screw press, also known as the "screw shaft". Several screw presses with different tooth base diameters and bushings are combined on a press shaft to form a screw shaft (or integral) with a gradually smaller pitch and a larger base diameter. It is one of the main components of the screw press. one. The manufacturing material of the screw shaft is generally made of iron materials or alloy materials, but it is absolutely not allowed to use heavy metal materials that are harmful to the human body. The screw shaft of the screw oil press is equivalent to a conveyor belt without a screw shaft. , The screw oil press can not be called the screw oil press.