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Sixteen Methods of Pepper Processing

July 27, 2021

1. Bean Hot Sauce:

Weigh 10 kilograms of fresh chili, 10 kilograms of bean paste, and 500 grams of salt. Wash the peppers, remove the handles, and chop them, add salt to the jar and stir well with the bean paste. Turn it 1-2 times a day, and it will be ready after 15 days. Its color is fresh and spicy and delicious.

2. Chili oil:

Choose bright red dried chilies as raw materials, remove the fruit stems and seeds, wash with water, drain and set aside. Put the oil in the pot according to the ratio of dried chili and oil 1:10, heat it, remove the pot from the fire when the oil emits heavy smoke, cool for about 3 minutes, pour the drained dried chili into the pot, Flip it with chopsticks to make it evenly heated. After the oil cools, remove the chili to get chili oil.


Chili oil


3. Chili paste:

Weigh 10 kg of red pepper and 2.5 kg of salt. Remove the handle of the red pepper, wash it, grind it, and put it into the vat. Stir it once a day. It will be ready after 10 days (storage in the vat). The product is bright red in color, spicy and delicate in taste.

4. Red Hot Sauce:

Weigh 10 kilograms of red pepper, 1.5 grams of salt, 30 grams of pepper, and 50 grams of star anise. Wash, dry, and crush the chili, then crush the seasoning, and put it into a tank together with the chili powder to seal it, and it will be ready after 7 days.

5. Chili sesame sauce:

Weigh 10 kilograms of chili, 1 kilogram of sesame and salt, 300 grams of five-spice powder, and 100 grams of pepper and star anise. Wash and crush the chili, then crush the sesame seeds, put them in a jar with Chinese pepper, star anise, five-spice powder and salt, mix well and store them, and you can take them as you eat or sell them on the market. Its color is fragrant, fresh and spicy.

6. Soy sauce chili:

Weigh 10 kg of salted chili and 4 kg of soy sauce. Remove the marinated salted peppers, drain the water, pour in the altar, pour in the soy sauce, turn it once 2 days later, and then pour the jar once every 2 to 3 days. It will be ready after 7 days. The taste is delicious and the meat is crispy and tender.

7. Spiced Chili:

Weigh 10 kilograms of pepper, 1 kilogram of salt, and 100 grams of five-spice powder. Wash the peppers, dry them until semi-dry, add the seasonings, mix well, put them in a jar and seal them, and serve 15 days later.

8. Pickled red pepper:

Weigh 10 kilograms of fresh red pepper, 2 kilograms of salt, 500 grams of sugar, and 100 grams of cooking wine. Wash the peppers, blanch them in boiling water for 5 seconds and quickly remove them, drain the water, pour them into a large basin after drying, add salt and sugar, mix well, marinate for 24 hours, put them into the vat, pour in cooking wine, seal for storage, about 60 days later Serve. The meat is crispy and tender, with a mellow taste, and can be used for meals and seasoning.


Pickled red pepper


9. Pickled green peppers:

Weigh 10 kilograms of green pepper, 1.4 kilograms of salt, 2.5 kilograms of water, 25 grams of aniseed, 30 grams of pepper, and 25 grams of dried ginger. Wash the green chilies, dry them, dazzle them, and put them in a jar. Put the pepper, aniseed, and ginger into a cloth bag, put it in the salt water and boil it for 3-5 minutes to remove. After the salt water cools, put it into the tank. Stir it once a day for 3-5 times, and it will be ready after about 30 days. Its color is green and tastes salty and spicy.

10. Sour chili:

Weigh 10 kilograms of fresh chili, 20 grams each of rice wine and vinegar. Wash the peppers first, scald them with boiling water, then remove them, drain them, and put them in a jar. Then add rice wine, vinegar essence and cold boiled water (the water is 10 cm higher than the pepper), seal and pickle. It will be ready after about 60 days. Its products are both hot and sour and appetizing.

11. Soak sweet peppers:

Weigh 10 kilograms of sweet pepper, 3.5 kilograms of cold boiled water, and 2.6 kilograms of salt. First wash the bell peppers, dry them, pierce the eyes with a needle or bamboo stick, put them into the kimchi jar filled with water, cover the lid, fill the jar mouth water tank with cold water, and it will be ready after about 10-15 days. Its products are crispy and sweet and appetizing.


 Soak sweet peppers


12. Soak red pepper:

Choose fresh, thick, undamaged, big red peppers with 10 kilograms, 1.5 kilograms of salt, 10 kilograms of salty fontanine, 250 grams of brown sugar, 15 grams each of pepper and star anise. Put it into the altar and seal it together, and it will be ready after about 10 days. Its products are crisp, sweet and slightly spicy.

13. Oil red pepper:

Weigh 100 kilograms of big red pepper, 10 kilograms of premium soy sauce, and 2 kilograms of white sugar. Wash the peppers first, remove the insects and rot, add the sugar into the soy sauce, put the peppers in the jar, layer the peppers with a layer of salt, and then pour the soy sauce from the top, and then press the top of the peppers with a heavy object. , After 3 days, drain the soy sauce, boil it and let it cool, put it in the jar together with the chili, and eat it in a week.

14. Soy green chili:

Choose green peppers that are free of insect damage and no rot, wash them, and dry the surface water. Put the peppers in the jar, layer the peppers with a layer of salt, and finally compress them with a clean weight on top of the peppers. The amount of salt used is 100 kilograms of fresh chili and 15 kilograms of table salt. After marinating for 3 days, drain the salt and brine, boil it and spread it cold, put it in an altar together with the chili, and place it in a cool place. It can be eaten in about 6-10 days.

15. Chili sauce:

Choose ripe, fresh, red peppers as raw materials to eliminate rotten and insect-damaged peppers. Use scissors to cut off the stems of the red pepper. Go and pour the red pepper into clean water, stir constantly with a bamboo pole, and remove the water after washing. Pour the drained pepper into an electric chopper and chop it, or use a knife to chop it into small pieces. The finely chopped peppers are marinated with salt, 100 kg of fresh peppers, 12 kg of salt, and 0.1 kg of alum. Mix them evenly and put them into the kimchi jar. You can eat them after about 10 days. In addition, pepper, five spice powder, sesame oil, diced ginger, monosodium glutamate, etc. can be added to the chili to make its taste more unique.

16. Chili powder:

The red-pointed chili is dried first, and then the dried red-pointed chili is crushed into powder with a grinder or stone, and packed in bags.


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