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Study on the storage stability of walnut oil

September 29, 2021

walnut oil

Walnut is also known as walnut, Qiang peach, and Juglans in the Juglans family. It is one of the important economic tree species in my country. At present, the area of ​​walnut cultivation in my country ranks first in the world, with an annual output of about 300,000 tons of walnuts. It is exported to foreign countries in large quantities every year. Foreign exchange. Therefore, the research and development of walnuts and further increase its economic value are particularly important. Peaches are also one of Tianjin's native products. It has been cut and cultivated for hundreds of years. The production areas are mostly in the mountainous areas of Dongxian County. Tianjin walnuts have It has the characteristics of large size, thin skin, fullness, and high oil yield. It is a very popular product in the international market.


The oil content in walnut kernels is higher than 60%. Walnut oil is rich in non-holding and fatty acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid account for more than 90% of the total), especially the content of linolenic acid is significantly higher than other common vegetable oils. . In addition, walnut oil also contains a variety of vitamins, mineral elements and physiologically active substances that are beneficial to the human body, such as vitamin e, iron and flavonoids. Therefore, walnut: oil is a kind of high-grade precious nutrition and health oil, and it is favored by consumers in the international market. An upsurge in the research and development of walnut oil has arrived. Therefore, the research on the characteristics and therapeutic value of walnut oil is a very interesting work.


Walnut oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated due to a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, and eventually forms small molecular volatile substances such as aldehydes, ketones, acids, alcohol epoxides, etc., which produce a strong pungent odor, and promote pigments, fragrances and vitamins. The oxidation of walnut oil reduces its original flavor and nutritional value, shortens its shelf life, and loses its edible value. Therefore, the antioxidant problem of walnut oil has become one of the key technical requirements in its production. In order to slow down the oxidative deterioration of unsaturated fats in walnut oil, adding antioxidants is an effective method. In this study, BHA, PG, and BHT were used as antioxidants, and ascorbic acid Vc was used as a synergist. The compound experiment was conducted to find the best compound antioxidants, which provided a theoretical basis for the storage of walnut oil products.