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The difference between hydraulic oil press and screw press

September 24, 2021

Hydraulic Oil Press

Oil extraction method:

1. Hydraulic oil press is a kind of oil pressing equipment that uses liquid as the pressure transmission medium to squeeze the oil and squeeze out the oil according to the principle of hydrostatic pressure transmission. It is a closed loop system composed of two parts: the hydraulic system and the oil press body, mainly composed of hydraulic pump stations, control valves, motors, electrical cabinets, oil cylinders, barrels, racks and other parts.


2. The screw oil press is forcibly fed through the screw shaft, and generates high temperature and high pressure under the rotation and extrusion between the squeezing ring, so that the oil is crushed and squeezed to the oil and cake. , It is mainly composed of frame, control cabinet, screw shaft, squeezing ring, cake outlet and other parts.


3. Oil quality

The hydraulic pressing method is a purely physical oil pressing method. It does not generate temperature during the oil pressing process, and does not destroy the organic components of the oil. The oil extracted is of good quality and low in impurities. It is especially suitable for some oils with high oil content. (Such as sesame, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, walnut kernels and some animal oils, etc.) and materials that must be processed by cold pressing methods (such as chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical materials). The screw oil press produces high temperature due to mechanical friction during the oil pressing process, which will damage the organic components of the oil; during the rotating friction process, some oils with high oil content will produce sludge extruded from the pressing ring, resulting in the impurity content of the oil. It will be a little bit more, because the temperature of the squeezed oil is higher, the nutrient content of the oil is destroyed, and it needs to be cooled after squeezing.


4. Oil cake recovery and utilization:

The hydraulic oil press does not destroy the organic ingredients of the oil during the pressing process. The secondary value of the cake is high and the application range is wide. For example, some food processing companies make walnut powder, almond milk, and peanuts after a part of the oil can be reduced or processed. Reprocessed into other foods, etc., so that there are certain requirements for the oil output rate. The hydraulic oil press can control the oil output rate by adjusting different pressures, which must be more suitable for these enterprises; this cannot be achieved on the screw oil press Yes, the screw oil press will generate high temperature due to mechanical friction during the oil pressing process, and the water in the oil will be lost during the oil pressing process, which will also cause certain losses to the direct sale of the oil cake (the water content of the cake is pressed by hydraulic pressure). The content is about 10%, and the water content of the oil cake of the screw press is only 2-3%).


5. Equipped with power

The supporting power of medium and small hydraulic oil press is generally 1.5-3KW, and the power of a smallest screw oil press is also above 5KW!


6. Failure rate and price of wearing parts

The hydraulic oil press relies on the oil pump and some control valves. The fault is mainly manifested in the sealing of the pipeline and the plunger. It can be solved by replacing some gaskets during maintenance. It is easy to repair and the parts are cheap. The screw oil press works by mechanical rotation, which produces a lot of friction during the oil pressing process. The wear between the screw shaft and the press ring needs to be replaced regularly; the hydraulic oil press adopts a vertical structure, button-type centralized control, and has a small footprint , Easy to operate; small hydraulic oil press can also be converted to 220V power supply, which is very convenient for users!