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The main points of tea plantation technology

July 27, 2021

The development of tea forests is a strategic move to "name the township with tea, enrich the township with tea, and rejuvenate the township with tea". Through the planting of tea forests, there will be tea in the forest, and there will be a forest in the tea. It will not only preserve water and soil, store water sources, green barren hills and slopes, but also become a unique and beautiful tourist landscape, which has economic and social benefits. The main technical points of tea forest planting are summarized as follows:

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1. Tea garden planning: The planting of tea forests is similar to planting trees on barren hills. According to comprehensive planning such as topography, slope, slope direction, no bench tops are excavated, only planting holes are dug. The excavation specifications for each hole are: bottom × height × upper mouth It is 40×50×60 cm, and the tea plant spacing is 2×2 meters, or 1.5×1.5 meters, requiring contour planting.

2. Tea garden reclamation: clean the roots and weeds before the tea reclamation, measure and calibrate the contours, the row spacing is 2×2m or 1.5×1.5m, press the bottom×height×upper mouth as 40× Dig a pond with a standard size of 50×60 cm, and return the soil before planting. After returning the soil, the hole is slightly higher than the ground by 5 cm.

3. Planting tea seedlings: Temporarily dig a small hole of 20×20 cm in the center of the original planting hole, and sprinkle 50 grams of superphosphate as a base fertilizer at the bottom of each small hole, and transplant 2 plants per hole. The tea seedlings should be transplanted on a cloudy day. The tea seedlings should be planted in the center of the hole, and the transplanting depth should be appropriate, preferably 1 cm above the rhizome, and the excess part of the main root exceeding 20 cm should be cut off. In case of sunny days when planting, water appropriate amount of root water immediately after planting, and insert shade leaves. Thirty days after transplanting, check the survival of tea seedlings, replant the dead seedlings in time, and pull out weeds in time after transplanting.


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