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The production process of oxidized starch

July 27, 2021

Oxidized starch refers to the starch obtained by using oxygen atoms released by oxidants to locally oxidize starch molecules to change some of their properties. It is characterized by increased particle diameter, white color, negative charge, weak condensation, low gelatinization temperature, good transparency, strong fluidity, can form a film with a certain strength, good colorability, and stable performance.

oxidized starch

The mechanism of the oxidation reaction is that the oxidant enters the depth of the starch granule structure and acts in the low crystalline area of ​​the granule. A strong local chemical reaction occurs on some molecules to generate highly degraded acid fragments. These fragments become soluble in the alkaline reaction medium and dissolve when the oxidized starch is washed with water. Although there is no major change in the pellet structure of oxidized starch, cracks and gaps appear on the pellets.

During preparation, the starch is adjusted into an aqueous suspension, and a certain amount of diluted sodium hypochlorite is added under continuous stirring conditions. The pH is adjusted to 8~10 with NaOH and the temperature is controlled at 21~38℃. The oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction and should be adjusted and added. The speed of the sodium hypochlorite solution, or use the cooling method to control the temperature, use the sodium hydroxide solution to control the pH value, and neutralize the acidic substances produced in the reaction. When the desired degree of reaction is reached, the starch slurry is treated with acidic sodium sulfite, the oxidation reaction is terminated, the pH value is adjusted to neutral, and then filtered, washed and dried to obtain the oxidized starch product.


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