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The relationship between whether the grease extraction equipment can be properly operated and maintained

September 28, 2021

grease extraction equipment

Whether the grease extraction equipment can operate normally, the relationship with the maintenance of the extraction equipment and the maintenance precautions.

When the grease extraction equipment is in operation, in order to improve its efficiency and speed up its speed, it will lubricate it. There are also certain skills when lubricating the grease extraction equipment. I will briefly introduce you to the grease extraction equipment. Some precautions for maintenance.

The normal operation of the grease extraction equipment is mainly due to the integrity of the equipment components. If there is loss, it will affect the efficiency of the product. When installing the equipment, try to keep the grease extraction equipment close to the mixer; secondly, after the equipment is installed, the intelligent flow The related parameters in the external table are set and checked. Often during the production process, the grease extraction equipment may have some problems. For example, in the practice of fuel injection, the smart appearance does not have a digital flip, that is, there is no metering. If it appears, first check whether the signal line is loose or disconnected; or the signal transmitter is damaged; or the smart flow meter is malfunctioning.

The maintenance of grease extraction equipment is very important. When the equipment is not used for a long time, it is necessary to sort out the remaining grease in the pipeline or check the sensitivity of the pipeline and solenoid valve switch before the next use, and disassemble it if necessary. Matters needing attention and inspection in the production of grease extraction equipment:

1. Frequently check the temperature of the extractor of the leaching equipment, the temperature of the fresh solvent, the amount of spraying, and the filling height and blanking of the leaching grid of the leaching equipment.

2. Frequently check the gas supply pressure of the boiler room.

3. Frequently check whether the temperature of the indirect steam, direct steam and the top of the steaming machine meets the process requirements, and whether the quality of the meal meets the meal standard.

4. Frequently check the brine condition of the mixed oil sedimentation tank.

5. Frequently check the process parameters of the one-steam two-steam stripper.

6. Frequently check the working status of the condenser of each system and the temperature of the inlet and outlet of the cooling water in the leaching equipment.

7. Frequently check the water distribution of the water distribution tank.

8. Frequently check the water distribution of the fresh solvent storage tank.

The above is what we have shared for everyone-whether the grease extraction equipment can operate normally, the relationship with the maintenance of the grease extraction equipment, and some precautions for maintaining the grease extraction equipment.