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The structure and principle of the flat-rotation extractor

September 30, 2021

The main equipment of the grease extraction workshop is the extractor. According to the production method, there are two kinds of batch extractor and continuous extractor. The main structure of the batch type extractor is a tank type extractor or a single tank type extractor (leaching tank). The intermittent extractor is suitable for small-scale edible oil processing plants. There are many types of continuous extractors, and the commonly used ones are fixed-grid bottom flat-rotating extractors and drag chain ring extractors.

Flat-rotation extractor

The structure of the flat-rotation extractor:

The flat-rotating extractor is composed of a feeding device, a rotating body, a screw conveyor for the meal, a mixed oil circulating pump, a speed regulating device, a fixed grid bottom, a spray head and a central rotating shaft.

 Flat-rotation extractor structure

The principle of the flat-rotation extractor:

1. Solvent circulation spray and multiple soaking of blanks

In the cylindrical shell of the flat-rotating extractor, there is a hollow concentric rotating body. The center of the rotating body is a vertical rotating shaft. 18 cells). The material grid is a unit that contains the oil that has been leached. The circulating sprayed solvent (or mixed oil) is sprayed by the respective mixed oil circulating pump from the spray head above the material grid, and the materials in each material grid are subjected to countercurrent spraying and soaking, and then through the material layer infiltration through the fixed grid At the bottom, it flows into the several mixed oil collection compartments below. After multiple cycles of spraying and soaking of the raw material, the high-concentration mixed oil is filtered through the filter to remove the fine dregs, and then pumped into the mixed oil temporary storage tank, and the wet dregs with low residual oil are transferred to the fan-shaped bottom of the grid. The meal outlet falls and is sent into the wet meal desolventizing system.

2. Fully enclosed shell and material seal feeding device

The entire leaching cell rotating body of the pan-rotating extractor is in a fully enclosed shell and system. The feeding device above the shell is composed of a sealed screw conveyor and a gravity door to form a material seal.

3. Adjust different leaching conditions by changing the rotating speed of the rotating body

The rotating body of the pan-rotating extractor is driven by a transmission device. Changing the rotating speed of the rotating body can adapt to different leaching conditions.

4. Adopt intermittent large spraying method

The spray system of fresh solvent and mixed oil adopts the intermittent large spray method of spraying→draining→spraying, and the spray system of the flat-rotation extractor is composed of 18 material compartments, 6 mixed oil collection compartments, and 1 A circulating system consisting of a meal grid, 5 mixed oil spray pipes and 1 fresh solvent spray pipe.